Bungle Bungles, Piccaninny Creek

25/6/14 – We were up at 5am local time as we wanted to beat the crowds, the heat and we had a 10km walk ahead of us.

Whip Snake Gorge is a 10km return walk up the creek. At the end you are rewarded with a cool shaded amphitheater. We had the area to ourselves for 40min.

Whipsnake-2 Whipsnake-1 Whipsnake

The walk back was hot but really interesting. Surround by domes and interesting patterns in the creek bed.

Picc-Creek-13 Picc-Creek-11 Picc-Creek-10 Picc-Creek-9 Picc-Creek-8 Picc-Creek-7 Picc-Creek-6 Picc-Creek-5 Picc-Creek-4 Picc-Creek-3 Picc-Creek-2 Picc-Creek-1