Bungle Bungle, Cathedral Gorge

26/6/14 – Up again at 5am for the 2km walk to Cathedral Gorge. It was amazing and one of our favourite places at the Bungles. We were alone for over 1 1/2hrs and had great fun photographing it from every angle. There are some steps, some sandy areas but overall an easy walk.

Cathedral-Gorge-Steps-1 Cathedral-Gorge-steps Cathedral-Gorge-7 Cathedral-Gorge-6 Cathedral-Gorge-5 Cathedral-Gorge-4 Cathedral-Gorge-3 Cathedral-Gorge-2 Cathedral-Gorge-1 Cathedral-Gorge

Back to camp and pack up the camper ready to head off. The road was worst going out than coming in. More loose gravel seemed more corrugated and lots of traffic with a windy road with plenty of blind corners makes it slow going. Speed was 30 – 50km/hr took a little bit longer to get back to the hwy but still under the 2hrs. A lot of caution is needed on this road, the day before we came in a guy rolled his camper because he was going too fast. People come around blind corners on the wrong side of the road as well.

We were actually booked in to stay the night at the Bungles but we decided to leave as we had done all the walks we wanted, all we would be doing this arvo is sitting around camp as it really is too hot to go for walks. And we wanted to get into Kununurra a day earlier to see if we could get the car air-conditioning looked at, as it hasn’t been working too well since we left home. It is booked in tomorrow morning, so we will stay in a van park for a couple of days.