You don’t find the Min Min lights, they find you………

But I get ahead of myself. After leaving the Middleton Hotel we continued on the road towards Boulia and stopped at Cawnpore Lookout. Bit of a short steep walk from the parking space down the bottom and rocks can be lose so watch your step. Well worth the walk amazing 360 views from the top and it depends on which way the sun is depends on which way you point your camera.

We have seen these very pretty flowers every where since we were at Aramac, they are called Mulla Mulla flowers and look like they would be soft and fluffy but they feel like paper.

A few other points of interest along the road.

Boulia is the land of the Min Min lights. No definitive answers have been given for the Mini Min lights but plenty of stories have been told. No one knows when or how they appear but everyone seems to be in agreement, you don’t find the Min Min lights they find you.

Our camp for the night was the free camping area behind the Boulia racecourse near the river. The area had lots of other travellers and any spot with a view of the river was taken and also well worn and dusty. We opted to camp further away on some bits of grass away from the dust.


Plan today was to check out Boulia a bit more, last time we were here was passing through on our way down the Plenty Hwy.

We called into the Min Min Encounter Centre but wasn’t able to do the 12 O’clock tour so booked in for the 1pm tour and bought a joint ticket to see the Boulia Heritage Complex.

It turned out to be a very good decision, the Stone House has a lot of history and was very interesting and in very good condition. Built in the 1888 by storekeeper James Edward Jones, he and his wife had 11 children in this home.

It also houses an awesome fossils display, also happened to be nice and cool in there.

There is also several other displays including horse saddles and bits, tools, machinery, medical display etc. Every time we see some of the old equipment used for past medical procedures we are always so thankful we live in today’s modern age. We would recommend adding this to your exploring of Boulia.

We then had lunch, before going back to do the Min Min Encounter.  We thought it was excellent and well produced. It’s a 45 min animatronics show. The characters along each section recall their experience with the Min Min lights and what they think the mysterious lights could be.

Chris filled up with fuel, we visited the dump point and made use of their wash down facility to give the ute and van a quick hose down to get rid of all the dust. So wonderful to be able to do that.

Red Stump is Boulia’s answer to the Black Stump at Blackall

All up Boulia is a great little town and well worth checking out.

We drove approx 68km out of Boulia towards Mt Isa and stopped at Peak Hill Bore. There is a track leading off from the main area that has a few cleared places away from the dust, which is where we camped.