Alice, Reptile Centre & Desert Park

Mon 6th – Brr it was a cold night and morning. The gas bottle ran it during the night and it was too cold to get up and change it over, so we didn’t have the heater. We were woken up early by early noisy day visitors.

We had an interesting experience late yesterday. We have had a lot of comments and interest shown to the Ute with its set up and the Aussie Swag. We have had several people ask for a tour of the trailer and one lot waited for us to pack it up so they could see how it did. Mmm maybe we should ask the guys for commission :). Anyway yesterday we had some people who were so impressed with our whole set up they insisted on taking photos of the Ute and the trailer with us in the front of it.

The first Monday in August is Picnic Day in NT, so we were a bit caught out with nearly all shops closed. The supermarkets were open, so we were able to do a big shop. Couldn’t fill up the gas bottle.

We are staying at the Wintersun again but this time we asked for a slab site and one we could also put the Ute on, which we got.


Tues 7th – Today we went to the Reptile Centre as we had heard good reports about it from other trailers. $14 for Adults. It’s worth it, lots of lizards, geckos, snakes and even a croc.

Bearded-Dragon Blue-Tongue-Lizard Bearded-Dragon-1


There was also a talk on some of the reptiles and then we got to pat and hold some of the animals. This included a python that wrap itself around you, it was quiet heavy. We were warned the python had a mind of its own, so watch out if you have shorts or a skirt on. The show was great.

Chris-and-the-friendly-Python Kate-and-the-friendly-Python

We popped back for lunch and tried to fill up the gas at the place we had filled up before but they had run out of gas until tomorrow. We ended up finding a servo that filled gas but ouch on the price $40.50 for 9 kg. This was a lot cheaper than another place.

After lunch we went to the Desert Park, $25 for adults but we had a 20% discount voucher. You are given an audio device to punch in numbers to listen to points of interest along the way.


The bird flight show was excellent and not to be missed. There are a few bird aviaries, some walk in, we found them pretty good.

Bush-CurlewOwl Feed-me


Apart from that the place didn’t do a lot for us but it depends on where you have been and what you have seen. Lots of wildflowers, but we have seen heaps of them on our trip. If you were someone that hadn’t been into the desert areas, seen clay and salt pans then you would find it interesting, for us we had seen all these things for real in there natural state.


Our trip so far.