Windjana Gorge

7/7/14 – Despite the close quarters with other campers it wasn’t very noisy, apart for hearing people snoring.

We were up at 5.30am, quick breaky and walking by 6am. We did have a quick look in the info bay and saw no signs of relevance talking about track closures. So off we set, it’s 7km return to the gorge and pretty easy walking, plenty of shade but it is very very dusty. Windjana is know for having heaps of fresh water croc, numbers are in the 80’s. The sun wasn’t up or on the water yet so we were going to keep an eye open on the way back.

The further we went along the more overgrown the track became. There are no signs indicating how far you still have to go. The track was hard to find in places, got narrow and even more overgrown. After about 2.5km we came to this sign saying the last 1km was closed due to erosion from the wet. We went a little bit further and found the word END written out in stones.

Windjana-Gorge-closurer Windjana-Gorge-End

We weren’t real happy that the sign wasn’t back at the start. Turns out in the info booth in a corner was the same sign saying about the last 1km being closed. We and other people missed it because it was not in a real obvious place like on the actual track. Anyway we worked our way back doing some croc hunting as they were starting to come out and sun themselves.


At one big pond Chris counted 22 fresh water crocs. All up we saw about 30-40 of them. The arvo would be a better time for croc hunting.


By this time the cliff walls were also nicely lit by the sun.

Windjan-Gorge Windjana-Gorge-3 Windjana-Gorge-2 Windjana-Gorge-1

Back at camp by morning tea time. Quick cuppa, then packup and then have a shower, using their showers. By this time the place had cleared out, not many had used the showers for a while so one would think there would be plenty of hot water and water pressure. Well it was only a dribble, especially when some one else was having a shower. Still it was nice to have a shower.

We finished the Gibb River Road, yeah.


Headed into Derby, staying at the Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park, got a pretty good site, but still very dusty, hard to get away from the dust here. Staying here for a couple of nights.