Trephina Gorge – Day 3

Thurs 26th – The wind was howling last night, really strange when it was so mild when we went to bed, we didn’t even need the heater on.

After breaky we did the 45 min rim walk. It’s a steep climb up and you are walking up and down rocks but our effort was well rewarded. Amazing sight looking back down and across the gorge. It’s a case of which direction do you point your camera. The ghost gums with their white truck stand out against the deep red rocks and deep blue sky.

As they say a picture tells a thousand words.

Trephina-Gorge-6 Trephina-Gorge-7 Trephina-Gorge-8 Trephina-Gorge-9 Trephina-Gorge-10 Trephina-Rim-Walk Trephina-Rim-Walk-1 Trephina-Rim-Walk-2