The Almighty Kings Canyon

Tues 31st – We came, we saw, we conquered. Well maybe it conquered us. We were up early, before the sun, packed up and headed to Kings Canyon. It’s very deceiving looking at the large red rocks, doesn’t look like much, they do not reveal what lays ahead. What hidden secrets and jewels lie within the boundaries of the red cliffs.

We did the 3-4 hr, 5.5km rim walk. Slips of the tongue real easy but a most challenging rewarding walk. First up is what is affectionately known as “heart attack hill” a very steep climb up rock steps, that wind there way up. One look up would be enough to turn people back. There are several flat rest areas to catch your breath and take in the view. If you can make it up this hill, you can do the rest.


What followed was a walk amongst the red rocks, climbing up and down. Some looked like bee hives. There were cliff top lookouts with amazing views across and down the canyon. The word wow was the most spoken word of the trip, gobsmacking, jaw dropping scenery in every direction. Rim walk is misleading as even though you climb up and walk along the rim you are also walking amongst the rocks, you can touch the red walls, look up, look down amazing red walls everywhere.

Kings-Canyon-1 Kings-Canyon-2 Kings-Canyon-3

There are several detours along the way, a 600m return lookout walk and a 600m return walk to what’s called the Garden of Eden. Which walks down to a water hole, with more red cliffs, also palms and other colourful plants. Well worth the detour. I didn’t do the lookout walk but Chris said the views were amazing.

Kings-Canyon Chris-at-the-Garden-of-Eden

Garden-of-Eden Garden-of-Eden-1 Oh-no-Stairs

Our photos will not do this place justice, they will not show the scale of the canyon, or show the intricate details of the rock patterns, the colours, the layers and layers that make up the canyon. This is a place to visit, put it on your bucket list. It’s not for the faint hearted, it is a tough and challenging walk. Lots of steps, rocks to climb over, it seems a lot longer than 5.5kms but if you can manage it, it’s well worth it, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Bee-Hives Kings-Canyon-4 Kings-Canyon-5 Kings-Canyon-6 Kings-Canyon-7 Kings-Canyon-8 Kings-Canyon-9

Our advice, wear good comfortable supportive shoes, preferable with ankle support. Take water, food, hat, camera and a sense of adventure. We would advise starting early, taking morning tea and lunch and take your time.

After the rim walk we were in need of a toilet, cuppa and food. After replenishing our bodies and having a rest we decided to put our bodies through a bit more and do the Kings Creek walk approx 2km. Still gives amazing views of the red canyon walls but the rim walk is the bees knees.

Kings-Canyon-Creek-Walk Kings-Canyon-Creek-Walk-1 Kings-Canyon-Creek-Walk-2 Kings-Canyon-Creek-Walk-3

20120731KingsCanyonWalksWe pulled into a rest area for the night, followed a road over a sand dune and had the area to ourselves.