The Adventure Begins

Last night we stopped at Cooyar at Swinging Bridge. Flipping the trailer up for a quick over night worked well. We were on the road by 7.45, heavy dew last night so the canvas was packed up wet, all nice and dry in the trailer though.

We had lunch at St George near the River. The temporary dirt level bank that was erected to save the town in this years flood was still in place.

We have stopped at a rest area just outside Eulo on the banks of the Paroo River, camping is permitted on both sides. Not quite as nice as it sounds. There is lots of long grass in most areas with the clearest areas close to the road. There is heaps of birdlife. There is a rapid over the old road where the birds like to go fishing. So far we have seen Herons, Egrets, Ibis, Cormorants, Spoon Bills and Kites it is a little stinky. Hopefully they will be there in the morning when we can take some photos.

Today was a big travel day, over 700kms. There was more road kill than we have ever seen. It’s not surprising with the amount of wildlife out here. Mostly unfenced so cattle can just roam all over the road. Heaps of kangaroos, one stopped in the middle of the road just looking at us. Goats, emus and plenty of Lizards sunning themselves on the road. We might slow down to avoid them but I doubt the 53m road trains do.

This is the furthest west in QLD we have been so far.