Matilda Way

We arrived in Winton about morning tea time. After a cuppa we had a walk up the Main Street and checked out the new building being built to replace the Waltzing Matilda Centre that unfortunately burnt down a few years ago. So good to see they are replacing it, the old one was great.

After filling up with fuel we went and had a look at Arno’s wall. The wall is 2m high and is over 70m long. It is made from concrete and rock bought in from Arno’s opal mine at Opalton and has all sorts of bits and pieces like old lawn mower, microwave, oven, whole motorbikes, boat propellers, plates, cash registers, typewriters, even the back end of a cement mixer and even the kitchen sink. Why we don’t know, someone was a little eccentric we think.

Since we had looked at most attractions in Winton and Longreach it was mostly just a drive through this time.

We stopped at Ilfracombe and went to the Artesian Spa which we hadn’t done before even though we had passed by several times. It is only open certain hours and cost $2.60pp. It was pretty good, about 37 degrees and a very popular spot. We did find later our eyes stung, we smelt of bleach and were very thirsty. Bit to highly chlorinated we think, so something to keep in mind if you are senstive to these things.

We stopped for the night a few kms outside Ilfracombe at a big free rest area. Bit dusty, crunchy grass and prickles, you can get a fair way off the road.


Sat 25th – The road from Hughenden to Winton is fully sealed but is another rough road.


Waltzing-Matilda Swagman

We had lunch before calling into the Waltzing Matilda Centre, cost $21 A, there was a family rate. We spent several hours in there. To start there is the Billabong Theatrette where there is a short show on the story of Waltzing Matilda, it was quite good. Then you go around into several different areas. Including a very large display of old machinery, railway carriage and lots of other memorabilia. In fact this took up most of the Waltzing Matilda Centre. If you were looking for a good museum then this is a good one. There was one room full of hundreds of old bottles. A room full of family life and medical instruments, makes us thankful we live in the modern age.

Bottles Telephone-Exchange Tools-of-the-tradeFerris-Inverter-Unit


We did a run out to a free rest area called the Long Billabong 2km out of Winton on the Lark Quarry road. We had seen lots of vans and campers going out that way. It’s a long waterway with muddy water, most places along the waters edge were taken, have to get in quick. We decided to go back into town fill up with water and head towards Longreach and find a quieter place to stop.

We stopped about 90 km’s from Longreach.