Mt Moffatt – Injune – Lonesome

5th April – Slept well last night it was also a bit warmer. While we waiting for the canvas to dry from the dew we chatted a bit more to one of our neighbours before packing up and then having morning tea.

Chimneys The-Chimneys

On the way out we stopped at the Chimneys Circuit. A 5.8 km walk leading to the Looking Glass, Cathedral Rock, The Chimneys and The Tombs. We had done this area before so we just did the short walk to The Chimneys.

We had lunch at Injune, filled up the water at the info centre and got some info. The Injune council is building a new caravan park just coming into Injune on the Roma side. In the mean time they are letting people camp at Possum Creek (I think, Possum something) has showers, toilets and power for $12 a night.

Next stop was fuel. We were told by someone that the fuel depot was cheaper than the BP fuel in the main St and it was, $1.53, several cents cheaper.



We headed out towards Expedition National Park, Lonesome Section. Someone had said to us it was lonesome at Lonesome, fine by us. There are no facilities, smallish camp area at the base of some cliffs in a bush setting. There is Telstra Next G when plugged into an aerial. Some great scenic views and all to ourselves. We did have light rain late yesterday and early evening but it was fine but overcast when we got up.

20130405 Lonesome Section

Day 4 – Sun 31st

We have had a busy day. In the morning we went to Marlong Arch. This is a natural sandstone arch that doesn’t look like it’s staying up there by much. A chain saw could have come in handy as trees were in the way of the photo we wanted to take. Still took lots of shots of this amazing feature. After that we went to Lot’s Wife. This is a tall pillar of sandstone, it’s funny seeing it sticking up all on it’s own in the middle of the trees, goes up a long way. We then took a drive out to Marlong Plain as it is supposed to be a good place to see the sunset as it lights up the sandstone cliffs. We didn’t think it was much, on the way back out we saw an Emu with 6 little chicks, the chicks ran and mum position herself in between until she knew they were safe, very cute. We headed back to the van for lunch and saw a lizard sunning itself on the road, yep we took some photos before it got fed up of us and moved away.

Lots Wife

After lunch we went to the looking glass which was back towards the entrance of the park so back down the bumpy road. The looking glass is a hole through an isolated pillar, you can see trees through the other side. Back to the car for a drink, it was quite hot and giving my cold a work out. We then went to the 3 Chimneys, three pillars of rock separated from the others standing there like chimneys. We had the wide 10-22mm lens and our long lenses but neither were quiet right from where we stood. So Chris gets the idea to make our way up to the pillars which we did coughing and all but the wide angle was perfect up there. Nice clouds behind them, blue sky and well lit up from the sun. We had just worked our way back down when more clouds came over and the nice lighting went.

The Chimmenys

After another long drink we headed back and went home, well kind of via a 15km 4wd road that seemed better than the so called main road that all cars can use with the corrugations. At the end of the 15km was another camp ground, called Top Moffatt Campground that is very nice, green grass and very isolated. There was a creek crossing on the way in so hence the 4wd track.

We think we are the only ones, apart from the ranger in the whole park. We got a fire going and the plan was to have a relax in front of the fire eat tea before a quick shower and view our photos, but bad wind came up, so we had to desert our fire for the night.