Day 13 – Tue 9th

Well we did it again, up at 5am, on the track walking by 6.15am. The crossings were much better this time so made the whole walk a lot quicker, out of 9 crossings I only took my shoes off once. Actually more than 9 as there were some other crossing into the Amphitheatre. This time … Continue reading Day 13 – Tue 9th

Day 10 – Sat 6th

Blue Sky nothing but blue sky, yippee finally some of the blue stuff no clouds in site. Good start to the day, I also finally got to sleep lying down, woke to a big coughing fit and the voice is a long way from normal but I am on the mend. The people next to … Continue reading Day 10 – Sat 6th

Day 9 – Friday 5th

I am writing this sitting under the awning with my feet up surrounded by green grass, lots of trees with the sound of birds all around me, a slight breeze blowing and some blue sky, lovely. Both had a good night sleep, I still had to sit up, getting good a sleeping sitting up, nice … Continue reading Day 9 – Friday 5th