Mt Moffatt – Day 3

4th April – We had a bit of a restless night last night what with dingoes howling on and off all night and a very late camper arriving at 12.30am at night.


Day trip today up to Top Shelter Shed, 4wd drive only up to a picnic area which is at the level of the old surface of the Buckland Volcano. The camping area Rotary Shelter Shed is also up there. The road is rocky and has lots of drainage mounds. Great views at Rotary Shelter Shed camping area, looks like find a spot wherever you can. Not a big area would be cold at night. Did have a shelter area and toilet.

Top-Shelter-Shed Top-Shelter-Shed-view

Amazing views at the Top Shelter shed, was lovely to have morning tea and lunch and lookout at the views. There is no toilet but there is water and table and chairs. Can just get Telstra Next G with the phone plugged into an aerial.

On the way you pass Kenniff Lockout, the notorious Kenniff brothers are said to have used the peak as their lookout.


From the Shelter Shed its a few km’s to Mahogany Forest and the head of Carnarvon Creek. Well it’s supposed to be 4 km’s but we clocked it at over 6 km’s not much to see at the head of the creek but it’s a lovely drive. We had a fleetly glance of some wild brumbies.

The road to the Murder and Incineration site was closed. The “Murder Site” where it is believed the brothers James and Patrick Kenniff murdered Constable George Doyle and station manager Christian Dahlke in 1902. The Incineration Site is where it is believed the brothers cremated the bodies of Doyle and Dahlke, all a bit grim.

Next stop was Marlong Arch, a short walk from the road. Lots of trees in the area so hard to photography just the arch.

Marlong-Arch Marlong-Arch-1

We caught up with both our neighbours and had a good chat to both of them. The late comers in the wee hours were 2 brothers that had just been out to Birdsville for the 200th edition of 4wd Action. They had us in fits of laughter complaining about the flies and heat.

20130404 Top Shelter Shed

Day 5 – Mon 1st

What a rotten night sleep, I had to sit up all night due to coughing. It also rained during the night and thoughts of will we get out crossed my mind, as they say in wet weather the road becomes impassable.

The plan today was to head up to the 4wd part of the park up to Rotary Shelter shed also go past the ranger station and info centre, also check out the other camp ground vans are supposed to be able to get into. All went according to plan part from going up to the shelter shed; we got 4 km’s up the 12km road and came across a bad muddy patch that we couldn’t get up. We then went back to the van and had the arvo just relaxing and reading mags, the weather was overcast but not raining. We did decide that if the weather was the same tomorrow we would head out early.