Day 28 – 28th April

It’s time to get up its 6 O’clock; it’s time to get up its 6 O’clock. That is what we woke to this morning and being the first words you hear as you wake from your slumber those words kept going through my head for an hour or so later “its 6 O’clock; it’s time to get up.”

Chris stuck his head out the door and said yep I can see stars, clouds too so let’s go for it. We quickly got dressed and jumped into the car and headed towards the 12 Apostles for some sunrise shots we hoped.

The cloud had closed in even more, but we set ourselves up in the gale force winds, no I am not kidding. They has have been an extreme weather warning out along this area to at least Warrnambool for winds up to 100km’s an hr today. So yes it was extremely windy, our tripods were not nice and stable but were moving in the wind, we had to keep the shutter speed up high, any long exposures were blurry shots and I had a few of them. I said to Chris when we got up why do we do this again, he said it’s because that’s what we do and I say why because we find it fun, he said yep after a while out in this awful weather he said to me why do we do this again. Only crazy keen photographers are nuts enough to find them self out trying to take sunrise photos when there is no sun in a gale force warning.


After a while it became obvious the sun was not going to shine on the Apostles for quite some time and since we were freezing and we had to check out of the park and head to Warrnambool we decided to go back to the van. It turned out the morning was the best part of the day as the weather only got worst.


A short distance out of Port Campbell before Peterborough is the Arch, The London Bridge or London Arch as the middle has collapsed. I know why it got that name the weather around here is more suited to London. A bit further is the Grotto, we did get out and take some quick photos at all these places and they look very bleak. The surf was like a washing machine, waves were crashing hard against the sandstone cliffs turning the water to foam, very rough seas and very hard to hold the camera still.


After Peterborough was the Bay of Islands which under a blue sky and the sun shining would be amazing and we would have to say more interesting than the 12 Apostles and a lot less people, ok the weather may have kept the sensible ones inside but they are incredible. It was a very bleak scene today though.


We arrived in Warrnambool around lunch time, visited the local info centre got the info we needed booked into the Discovery Holiday Park for 2 nights cost $30.50 per night which is standard around here. Have to say the sites are nice, best we have had a nice concrete slab, grass on either side of the slab and room to park the Jack up next to it. On either side of the sites are trees and shrubs giving you privacy from the people next door.

After lunch we tracked down a mechanic to look at the Jack. The info centre had put us onto a guy that if he couldn’t help us he would know who could. Well cause the Jackaroo has gas a normal mechanic is not allowed to touch it, has to be someone who does gas installations, luckily Warrnambool is a big town so the guy was able to put us onto a gas installer, the Jackaroo is booked in tomorrow morning, luckily he is near the main street and lots of shops, goodie.


Day 10 – 17th April

Our night spot was very quiet, no cars went by at all, we were up at 5.45am and it was freezing. I grabbed my jacket, beanie and gloves as I knew up at the sculptures it would be colder and I was right.

We have notice down here people are a bit slow in getting moving in the mornings; other travellers have said the same. Well the sun is the same, it takes forever to rise, didn’t rise today until 7am, we were waiting in the cold for an hour. Only a so so sunrise, but we were the only ones mad enough to be there at that time.

Sculpture Symposium at Sunset

At Yunta we took a little detour to some ruins I had found on the internet about 33km up a dirt rd. They are called Waukaringa Ruins, they were very fascinating, we think one was the old pub; all that is left is the stone work. You can wonder around inside and walked around what would have been the cellars. We spent a couple of hours taking photos from every angle, only calling it quits when we couldn’t handle any more flies or the heat.

Waukaringa Ruins

When we dropped the key into the info centre I asked if we have brought fruit in the fruit fly free zone of BH can we take it into SA, no. So we had to eat as much fruit and vegies as we could, which fortunately wasn’t much, Chris did have 3 apples and 2 tomatoes but he wouldn’t eat the other 6 tomatoes we had to throw out. At Yunta we were talking to some other motorhome people who were also saying how crazy it is. They were told at a check point coming in from Vic, that they did have a sign at BH saying you can’t bring fruit and vegies into SA but the BH people took it down cause they want to sell them to travellers, we think it’s just a scam to get us to buy fruit and veg in their part of the world. We were checked in SA, he came into the van, crazy thing is the check point is over 200kms into SA.

Waukaringa Ruins 2 Waukaringa Ruins 3

We have stopped at Peterborough for the night.

You see some crazy things on the road, we have seen a bottle tree, with bottles stuck all over it. Days later and many km’s later we saw a tree with tin foil all over it, another decorated with tinsel, we saw some huge dice in the middle of nowhere but the weirdest so far was today. We passed what looked like a garage sale but in the middle of nowhere, no houses around, no driveways or towns and they even had a bathtub painted orange and red.