Nuga Nuga National Park

Our one night stop at Swinging Bridge near Cooyar.
12/04/14 – We arrived at Nuga Nuga National Park mid afternoon. Quick set-up and then arvo tea with our friends who had been there for a few days.
We had an awesome view of the lake, a great sight to wake up to every morning. The morning sun shown on the trees giving them a ghost like appearance. Unfortunately we didn’t see the sun for a few days though, with light rain for the first few days.
The water level in the lake was several meters lower than last Easter and no water lilies this time. The water was shallow for a long way into the lake making if difficult to get the kayak in. We did finally get to see some sun 🙂
Unfortunately Kate was sick with a cold and spent many nights coughing, so we didn’t do a lot in the time we had at Nuga Nuga. It was just lovely to just chill out a relax for a few days chatting and laughing with good company and chasing the odd bird or two. The birds were a long way from the shore and not to keen on having their photo taken.
The sun came out briefly, this was the best sunset we had.
Wed 16/04/14 – We left Nuga Nuga and headed to the Dawson River Rest Area 7km outside Moura. We were fortunate to get a couple of spots along the back fence line which happens to be the furthest spot away from the road. The place was already pretty full. The toilet block has showers $1 coin slot for 2 min shower, they also ask for donations for the up keep of the place.
We had fun photographing the kites and the skiers on the water until the black clouds came rolling in. The storm did cool things down, we had rain on and off for the next few hrs. There are loads of mossies here.
Boarding Skiing

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Lake Nuga Nuga

7th April – It drizzled light rain all night. We woke to overcast skies. We were ready to get up early with the birds as it were but it was raining and the birds didn’t get up that early. It wasn’t until 10.30am before the Lillie’s started to open.



We spent the day walking around our little island, watching the birds, making scones, muffins and then pizza for lunch and general relaxing.

Lake-Nuga-Nuga-3 Nuga-Nuga-Tree

We did see some blue sky but it soon came over grey and the clouds were too thick for a sunset.



We finished the night with another campfire.

Q – Nuga Nuga National Park

Nuga Nuga National Park – $, OF, W. There are no facilities at the lake, camping is bush camping wherever you can find a spot it seems. There are lots of areas around the lake. Sites are rocky, and uneven, lots of trees, lots of flies, lots of bugs. Self registration at hut. Awesome spot, bring the kayak, lots of birds, water lilies at times varies from one season to another. From Injune travel north 37 km turn right onto Arcadia Valley Access Road. Travel 83 km on gravel road (some sections sealed) to the Lake Nuga Nuga Road turnoff. From Rolleston, travel south-east on the Dawson Highway for 28 km and turn right at Arcadia Valley Access Road. Travel 58 km on gravel and turn right at the Lake Nuga Nuga turnoff. Dry weather road only. Rating – 4.5

Nuga-Nuga-Campground-3 Lake-Nuga-Nuga-2Nuga-Nuga-Campground-2 Nuga-Nuga-Campground-1 Nuga-Nuga-Campground


Nuga Nuga National Park

6th April – After packing up we ducked back up to the lookout and picnic area. Great views back over the valley.

Lake-Nuga-Nuga Lake-Nuga-Nuga-1


Wow Nuga Nuga Lake is huge. It is the largest natural water body within the central Qld sandstone belt. And birds wow, heaps of them. Dead trees in the lake with lots of purple water lilies at the bases. Drats we didn’t bring the kayak this trip. The birds are little far out onto the water for my lens and rather skittish. So far we have seen black swans, ducks, darters, cormorants, terns, white faced herons, great egrets, kites, pelicans, great crested grebes, spoonbill, geese, kookaburras, plus a few others we can’t identify. The terns are swooping down getting fish. The sky is dark and gloomy with the threat of rain. Heaps of kangaroos.



There are no facilities at the lake, camping is bush camping wherever you can find a spot it seems. Sites are rocky, and uneven, lots of trees, lots of flies, lots of bugs. We are camped out on an island overlooking the lake. Ok as long as we don’t get heavy rain. There are lots of dead trees on the ground, we assume it’s from trees that have washed up from the lake in times of flood. It seems we are in the prime spot though as any newcomers head here first. There are tracks leading around the lake and one assumes campsites too. It seems to be a popular spot.


We met some boys who had been having a mud fight. They were covered in mud front and back, they were heading into the water to wash off, good luck.


We finished the day off eating tea around the fire and even though it was overcast we did get a bit of a sunset over the lake. The light rain ended our night early.

20130406 Nuga Nuga