Chill Dude

24/04/14 – Oh what a glorious morning, oh what a glorious day 🙂 so peaceful, beautiful blue skies, birds chirping hubby by my side what more could a girl ask for 🙂 this is the life.


How quickly things can change, one minute we have the place to ourselves, go for a walk, come back and there are several other campers with more rolling in. Being the Anzac weekend, locals have come to enjoy the serenity of the bush setting.


We have gone for a couple of paddles up the brown with green slime river, certainly not suitable to swim in, barely good enough for a paddle. Nevertheless it was still peaceful on the water and a great way to get closer to the birds.



Kate and our friend Don comparing photos.


There are lots of Cockatoos, Corellas, galahs and several other varieties of birds and one we had not seen before a Pacific Bazza, nice looking birds.





We saw 3 goannas on one walk. Not a bad place to chill for a few days.

Gonna_2 Gonna_1073

The green slime on the top of the water had gathered near the boat ramp, kind of pretty in a yucky sort of way.

Slime_1365 Slime-2

25/4/14 – Well it’s time to head home. Been beaut trip and great to share the time with our friends, great time for us all. We packed up early and headed towards home taking the scenic route. Stopping for morning tea in Dalby and lunch at Esk.

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Map of our whole trip.

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Now we need to start getting things ready for our big trip of the year. 8 week trip leaving Brisbane heading west to the Kimberly area leaving early June. 🙂

Q – Archers Crossing, South Side

Archers Crossing, South Side – OF, F, B, M, W, BR, D. 24 km S of Chinchilla. Turn onto Hopelands Road 26 km S of Chinchilla for 9 km to the school. Turn right at school for 2 km then right onto Archers Crossing 4 km of dirt to the camping area. Reasonable size area next to the Condamine River, mostly grass. Some tracks lead off to others areas of the river which are only suitable for small vehicles or camping. Popular with the locals on long weekends. Rating – 4

Archers-Crossing-Camping Archers-Crossing-Camping-area Archers-Crossing-Camping-area1 Archers-Crossing-Camping-area-2 Archers-Crossing-Camping-our-spots Archers-Crossing-our-spot Archers-Crossing-our-view Archers-Crossing-Shelter-area

Q – Chinchilla Weir

Chinchilla Weir – T, B, M, W, OR, F, D, ND, BR. 9 km SW of Chinchilla on the Chinchilla-Tara Road. Free camping for 2 days. Power available ,donation for power at the information centre. Right on the weir, may get noise from power boats. Lots of birds, shady sites, very popular spot. Tap water is brown do not drink. One area is sectioned off with bollards with a road way going through. Another grassy area seems to be the overflow area. Bit too crowded for our liking. Rating – 3.5

Chinchilla-Weir-Camping-area Chinchilla-Weir-Camping-area-Regs Chinchilla-Weir-main-camping-area Chinchilla-Weir-main-camping-area-1 Chinchilla-Weir-main-camping-area-2 Chinchilla-Weir-overflow-Camping-area

Q – Judds Lagoon

Judds Lagoon – T, B, F, D BR, OR, M, W. 3 km SE of Yuleba, turn W onto Forestry Rd just before the town Cemetery. It’s a largish area next to the lagoon, lot of trees and shade. Area close to the lagoon is on rather a slope. Even though it is 2km from the hwy we were surprised there was still some hwy noise at night. It’s a fairly popular spot. There is not always water in the lagoon. Rating – 4

Q – Swinging Bridge Park

Swinging Bridge Park – OR, F, D, BR, M. Rest area at Cooyar QLD, behind the Cooyar Hotel. Hard to find at night, huge grassy area, goes along way back, very quiet, well off the road, no toilets but there is one down the road. Power available at $5 a night payable at the pub. Has a swinging bridge, popular spot. Toilets can now be found at the Cooyar Memorial Park opposite the pub. Rating – 5.

Swinging-Bridge Swinning-Bridge-2 Bridge-3

Swinging-Bridge 4 Swinging-Bridge-1 Swinging-Bridge-2

Cooyar-Park Cooyar-Loos Cooyar-Hotel Chilling-at-Swinging-Bridge Swinging-Bridge Cooyar-Swinging-Bridge