Day 3 – Lawn Hill

31/7/14 – Pancakes for breaky then paddle up the gorge again. Good to see the gorge at different times of the day, both sides of the gorge were lit up by the morning sun. It was busier in the mornings, with all the hire canoes out. With having our own we can take our time and have plenty of time to enjoy a swim. People who had hired them were usually up and back pretty quick.
Lawn-Hill-Gorge Lawn-Hill-Gorge-1 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-2 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-3 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-4 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-5 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-6 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-7 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-8 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-9Lawn-Hill-Gorge-Falls-1 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-Falls-2The arvo was filled with lots of dips in the water to cool off and pack up a few things ready to leave the next day.


Lawn Hill would have to be one of our favorite spots, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say “we’ll be back” 🙂

Lawn Hill National Park

30/7/14 – Into the Island Stack walk early before the heat of the day. It’s a 4km return walk. Mostly pretty easy but there is 200m that is a steep climb up steps to the top, but the view is amazing and worth the climb. The rest if the walk takes you around the top of the island with some great views.


Gorge-View Island-Stack-View Island-Stack-View-1Campground At-the-topOne of the other walks we had planned to do was the Cascades walk but due to less than an average wet season the cascades weren’t flowing.


Bridge Info-boards

Back at camp for morning tea, made some lunch and then headed off for a paddle up the gorge. We saw 2 fresh water crocodiles along the gorge and was able to paddle up to within a few metres of them.


Croc Croc-2Gorge Gorge-1There was less water flowing over the falls than last time we were here but it still beautiful.

Lower-FallsWe carried the kayak up pass the falls into the top gorge. We think the top is even better. It was awesome to have a swim up the top gorge and back at the falls.


Q – Lawn Hill National Park

Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park – T, S, B, OR, M, W, $. Lawn Hill is a favorite and special place for us. Whether you stay here at the National Park or at Adels Grove, you are sure to have a wonderful time. Standard Qld national park fees apply, booking needs to be done online. Each site is separated by pollards and trees and not close to the next site as the photos show. These were sites around us, but all of them were much the same. Some sites are for tents only. Cold showers, plenty of taps spread around the place. Mobile reception only at the national park, dump point up near Adels Grove. Rating – 5

Lawn-Hill-National-Park Lawn-Hill-National-Park-1 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-2 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-3 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-4 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-5 No-9

Heading towards Lawn Hill

28/7/14 – We are back to dewy morning and the days are a bit humid. A big travel day today along mostly dirt road, makes it a long day. We had to call into Borroloola to fill up with fuel, $1.85l.
Billengarrah-turnoffAs nice as it is to visit other states it’s always nice to be back in your home state which for us is Queensland 🙂 we stopped at Hells Gate for afternoon tea, fuel was $2.03l.
Hellsgate Hellsgate-Roadhouse
We headed in the back way into Lawn Hill known as the alternate Savannah Way and pulled off the road for the night in a big paddock about 40 kms along the road.
Pelicans_4162Camping-spot-on-the-way-to-Lawn-HillLawn Hill National Park
29/7/14 – We were at our camping spot at the national park just after 10am. Since we were staying here 3 nights we decided to put up both awnings and the floor mat. Think it was better without the floor mat as it kept getting grass on it. Caught up on some washing and cleaned off some dust.
Creek-Crossing Walking-the-Creek-CrossingNo-9In the arvo we had a swim and nice cool down and relaxed for the rest of the arvo.

Q – Adel’s Grove

Adel’s Grove, Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park – T, S, B, $, W, DW. Beautiful place  to stay. Even though it’s not free or a cheap place it’s been included as it’s a popular place to stay when visiting Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park. There are heaps of sites and in peak season you need to book ahead. There are no powered sites, but there is one camping area dedicated to people who wish to use a generator. There are time restrictions when they can be used. Most sites are a good size but it is a good idea to state what type of set up you have so you are put into a big enough site. All sites have water that is suitable to drink. It does have a high calcium content, which after several days you are keen for some fresh water. The other camping area is called the “Grove” closer to the creek. No generators allowed, lots of trees, shady sites with no defined sites. Lots to see and do, highly recommended. Check out our posts for more information on Adel’s Grove and  Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park. Rating – 4.5


The Generator sites.



The Grove camping area.


The lovely creek and swimming hole.