Q – Lawn Hill National Park

Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park – T, S, B, OR, M, W, $. Lawn Hill is a favorite and special place for us. Whether you stay here at the National Park or at Adels Grove, you are sure to have a wonderful time. Standard Qld national park fees apply, booking needs to be done online. Each site is separated by pollards and trees and not close to the next site as the photos show. These were sites around us, but all of them were much the same. Some sites are for tents only. Cold showers, plenty of taps spread around the place. Mobile reception only at the national park, dump point up near Adels Grove. Rating – 5

Lawn-Hill-National-Park Lawn-Hill-National-Park-1 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-2 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-3 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-4 Lawn-Hill-National-Park-5 No-9

Lawn Hill Gorge

Sun 19th – Wow it’s amazing, not in the size of Katherine Gorge but the colours are vibrant and it’s so peaceful.

Lawn-Hill-Gorge Lawn-Hill-Gorge-1

We paddled up the whole gorge from the national park. It’s an easy paddle up to Indarri Falls, 3 km return. Amazing green water, red cliffs and plenty or vegetation. We saw 2 fresh water crocs along this section, one was pretty big.

Lawn-Hill-Gorge-2 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-7

Lots of fish in the water, not a lot of birdlife at the time we did it. But there was a lot of people paddling. So maybe too many people.

Fish Lawn-Hill-Gorge-6 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-3

Then we lifted the Kayak out of the water and walked it around the the top gorge and paddled up the a further 1300m to the end where a series of channels run into the gorge. Lots of palms and other trees in the top section.

Upper-Lawn-Hill-Gorge Upper-Lawn-Hill-Gorge-1 Upper-Lawn-Hill-Gorge-2

Once back at the Indarri Falls we had a swim, it was really lovely, not too cold, lots of fun.

Lawn-Hill-Gorge-4 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-5 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-8 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-9 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-FallsFun-in-the-falls

Then back to the start all up 6km paddle, really relaxing and tranquil on the water, well worth doing. A lot easier than walking it.


Adel’s Grove

Sat 18th – What a lovely peaceful spot. No whiz bang vans, no talking, no trucks or cars on the road just the occasional moo from a cow. Heavenly.


Adel’s Grove is in a lovely setting lots of trees, the water is a jade green and looks very inviting.


There are two sections to camp in, both non powered. One is called the Grove and is right on the water, very shady sites, no generators and no defined sites.

Grove Grove-1

The second area is for people who wish to use their generators, from 8am to 8pm. Sites are numbered and are separated by trees and rock boarders. Most sites are a reasonable size, we got put on a site that’s a wee bit short for us. They seem to do that with camping trailers, thinking you don’t need as much room.

Gennie-Sites Gennie-Sites-1

The amenities that are close to us are very very old. One shower doesn’t drain properly and runs all out all over the floor. The other amenities seems to be newer and much nicer.


The longer you stay the nicer Adel’s Grove is, so much to explore.


We did a run into the national park, a quick walk to a look out with amazing views, red cliffs and jade coloured water, looks amazing, we are going to go for a paddle down it tomorrow.



Q – Adel’s Grove

Adel’s Grove, Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park – T, S, B, $, W, DW. Beautiful place  to stay. Even though it’s not free or a cheap place it’s been included as it’s a popular place to stay when visiting Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park. There are heaps of sites and in peak season you need to book ahead. There are no powered sites, but there is one camping area dedicated to people who wish to use a generator. There are time restrictions when they can be used. Most sites are a good size but it is a good idea to state what type of set up you have so you are put into a big enough site. All sites have water that is suitable to drink. It does have a high calcium content, which after several days you are keen for some fresh water. The other camping area is called the “Grove” closer to the creek. No generators allowed, lots of trees, shady sites with no defined sites. Lots to see and do, highly recommended. Check out our posts for more information on Adel’s Grove and  Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park. Rating – 4.5


The Generator sites.



The Grove camping area.


The lovely creek and swimming hole.