Southern section of the OTT

25/7/13 – We slept good, packed up and on the road by 8.15am with our companions behind us.

First creek crossing for the day was North Alice. First entry had a steep drop into the creek a bit further around was another entry both used the same exit, all got through  no worries.

North Alice 1 North Alice

There are few dips, bumps, slopes and tight corners along the track but it’s all great fun and some of the old telegraph poles are still standing.


Dulhunty River crossing was beautiful. Lovely waterfall just below the crossing, deep water for swimming. Chris went for quick dip in the cool waters; there is also a large camping area. A ranger pulled up and said it was good and safe swimming here but further down, scary.

Dulhunty Waterfall-at-DulhuntyDulhunty-CrossingDulhunty-Creek

With Bertie Creek you have to drive down the bank a short distance before crossing the creek due to big granite holes. All made it through no worries, another beautiful creek crossing great for a paddle.

Bertie-CreekBertieCrossing-Bertie Rest-of-the-gangParking

Next was Cholmondeley Creek which was not listed on the Hema map but is named as this in Ron & Viv Moon’s book “Cape York an Adventurers Guide”, it had a bit of a rough entry but the crossing itself was easy. One of the other guys did have to watch that his auto gas tank didn’t hit bottom.


Next the infamous Gunshot, whoo hoo we came, we saw, we conquered, yeah. Road in is a bit gnarly in places.


Some of the entry options.


Bit of entertainment as we watched others come down, one came down an entry that was a little bit more adventurous.



We all use the same exit.

Slow going on this track, loads of fun 🙂 Next up was Cockatoo where we were planning on stopping for the night. Cockatoo creek was a bit more challenging than expected. There was a steep descent over some rocks with a big drop of on one side. Chris had to guide 3 4wd down the drop. Our convoy of trailers decided we would do a bit of track work and fill in the hole with rocks and dirt.

Rocky-EntryCockatoo-entry Roadwork

Next challenge was the crossing itself, the people Chris helped down told us where the big holes were but our guys still walked the creek. People were placed near the deep holes with the driver doing an “S” through the creek. All got through no worries it was great having a few extra people as spotters. Everyone helps each other on these roads.

Crossing-CockatooAround-the-spotters Cockatoo-Creek


Steve one of the other My Swaggers joining us on this leg. What a dag 🙂

Several other people just ploughed through the middle bashing their way through doing damage to their vehicles.

Campground is a great spot with many different areas which were full for the night. We walked around and chatted to a few people hearing of their war stories of damage. The water in the creek crossings might be down this time of year but the track is still rough, maybe even rougher in some parts than the first lot of people through as the tracks get churned up.

Cockatoo-Camping Cockatoo-Camping-Spot

Click on the link above for a larger version in Google Maps of the days travels.