Salvator Rosa

Sun – 8/4/12

Another awesome gravel pit, very few bugs and no passing cars. Was also nice to have a bit of a cooler night and a bit of a sleep in. Leisurely morning sitting back relaxing a bit before we packed up, bit of a later start to the day, on the road by 9.30 am.

The road so far has been pretty good, but not advisable in the wet. 35kms further down the track we entered the Goodlife section of the National Park, where there was a road saying the road had minimal maintenance. The road did get worst from this point. It is quite a pretty drive in with tall grasses, shrubs and lots of trees.

A bit further down the road there is a well marked sign and clearly defined dirt road, saying 30kms to Salvator Rosa. Turnoff is approx 108kms from Tambo. There is a 2nd turnoff 14kms down this road, saying Salvator Rosa 16kms. The track become narrow with high grasses on either side. All up the campground is approx 138kms from Tambo.

As we got closer there were amazing sandstone cliffs with some fascinating formations. We saw a dingo disappear into the long grass. The track is rough and bumpy with some areas that had been muddy.

Nogoa campground has two areas close together one area larger than the other with several tables. Toilets are also in this area. There were 3 other people here when we arrived at lunch time. By the evening there were two other campers. The Nogoa Creek is 50m away, is has a nice sandy bottom and is fairly shallow but flowing fast. The water is beautiful, it was lovely to cool off in the hot afternoon. I did managed to find a couple of quick sand spots and sunk up to my upper thigh.

The creek was in flood earlier in the year and has taken out the bridge across the creek. Apparently you can normally cross the creek and go further into the park, to another camp ground where two rivers meet. We also heard the Ka Ka Mundi is closed due to flood damage and Mt Moffatt only has one campground open, due to the other areas being muddy.

For the first time this trip we have set up the awnings and the ensuite room I made. Can’t have showers under the stars tonight with neighbours close.

Short travel day 93kms.