Q – Adel’s Grove

Adel’s Grove, Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park – T, S, B, $, W, DW. Beautiful place  to stay. Even though it’s not free or a cheap place it’s been included as it’s a popular place to stay when visiting Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park. There are heaps of sites and in peak season you need to book ahead. There are no powered sites, but there is one camping area dedicated to people who wish to use a generator. There are time restrictions when they can be used. Most sites are a good size but it is a good idea to state what type of set up you have so you are put into a big enough site. All sites have water that is suitable to drink. It does have a high calcium content, which after several days you are keen for some fresh water. The other camping area is called the “Grove” closer to the creek. No generators allowed, lots of trees, shady sites with no defined sites. Lots to see and do, highly recommended. Check out our posts for more information on Adel’s Grove and  Lawn Hill, Boodjamulla, National Park. Rating – 4.5


The Generator sites.



The Grove camping area.


The lovely creek and swimming hole.