Old Coach Road – Part 1

6/8/13 – Now the fun starts. There are lots of photos in this post, as they say a picture paints a thousand words, it’s the best way to show the road conditions. So many in fact that we have split this post up over 5 parts.

Starting point for the day is 32.0 Km (from the turnoff at the PDR) Laura Creek has a steep descent, then a rise in the middle before crossing the rocky creek bed.


Just up from the crossing is a small steep rutted hill.

The road was windy, dusty and narrow in places. There were a few areas that were rutted out on one side that caused the Ute to lean sideways.

34.8 km (from the turnoff at the PDR) in there is a steep rutted descent down a hill. Choice of two options, one was rockier and more rutted, we took the sandier option that was slightly less rutted.

Sandy-Route Down-we-go


From there is a gentle climb with a tight corner.



35.3 km (from the turnoff at the PDR) marks the first of the rocky steps climbing up. The climb continues up rocks, slow going and bumpy, bit tight in places, starting to see some views off to the left.

Climb Climbing



Plenty of ups, downs and corners that are a bit tight when towing on this road.

Solid-Ground Corners Close-Trees

37.1km (from the turnoff at the PDR) there is a climb up a hill that had the Ute and trailer in all sorts of angles, with the Ute lifting one front wheel off the ground.






37-1km-Up-she-goes 37-1km-Nearly-There



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