Northern Section OTT

29/7/13 – Today we complete the northern section of the Old Telegraph Track. We were packed up by 8am and then went down to The Saucepan for a quick dip to cool off.

First creek crossing was Canal Creek, no problems, just had to watch out for a few holes when approaching the creek.

Canal-Creek Canal-Creek-1 Canal-Creek-2

Next was Sam Creek, the entry had a few dips, we took the path to the left as straight ahead had a big drop off. There was also a bit of a tight around a corner on the way out.

Sam-Creek Sam-Creek-1 Sam-Creek-2

Mistake Creek had a long windy road down to the creek it was another beautiful creek. The ground is white sand, pretty easy crossing.


Mistake-Creek 1Mistake 2

Cannibal Creek. We were cautious with this one as we had seen a photo where someone had rolled their 4wd and landed on its roof in a big hole. The tightness of the corner around the bend in the creek was our main issue with Chris having to do like a 5 point turn in the creek to get around. Water was over the bottom of the trailer doors while he was doing that. Will test the seals, the vents are still taped up. We saw the massive hole on the left where the person went in and wheel marks where people had gone awfully close, we made a wide birth.

Cannibal Cannibal-Creek Cannibal-Creek_1

The road and creek crossing on the north are more challenging and even more so with a trailer in tow. Lots of ruts, dips, narrow and tight corners. Often finding ourselves on quite an angle. Chris would pump the airbags up on the dip side to help level us up a bit.

Freak me out, talk about a heart pumping nerve cracking crossing Cypress Creek is. A log bridge that is not much wider than the Ute tyres. My heart was in my mouth every inch. Bit by bit slowly does it, checking lines making sure the wheels were where Chris said he needed them to be. Phew Ute over, the trailer tracked across beautiful.

Cypress Cypress-Bridge Cypress-Bridge-1

Next was the turn right after the bridge with a dip on one side. Chris had to take a wide birth to get both vehicles around and not in the dip. Only a 3 point turn this time. Crikey that was a challenge, Chris did very well.



Rather slow going, bumps, turns, holes, ruts, creek crossings, just an average day driving on the Cape.

Logan’s Creek. We had heard by several different people that Logan’s was murky dark water and they didn’t walk it due to the risk of crocs. Well we weren’t going to walk it either if there was a risk of crocs. Trouble is there was still a risk as we had no idea how deep it was and what line to take. We decided to put the water blind on just in case. Chris put the diff lockers on and gave it some juice straight through the middle. Struth, it was deep, right over the bonnet, hit the windscreen, we worked out it was about 1.2m deep in some of the holes we seemed to find. Whoo hoo the Ute is doing awesome, as is the driver. Next up the big one Nolan’s Brook.



Nolan’s Brook was deep, about 1.1m deep, we think Logan’s was deeper. Issue is the sandy bottom. 3 4wds had gone before us and were drying out one car that got stuck going up the sandy bank and got stuck in the deepest water. His mates had to snatch strap him out. We asked them if they would mind being the support vehicle. A long plasm rope was attached to both vehicles ready if we need pulling put. Some guys in the water were taking up the slack, keeping the rope out of the way. All set, let’s go 🙂

Nolans-getting-ready Nolans-in-we-go

As you go into the water there is a bit of a drop.


Up a slight hill before dropping into the deep water.

The support vehicle kept the tension on the rope but he didn’t pull us out. We would not have crossed without that support vehicle in place.


We had heard it was 1.7m deep here earlier in the season. People were using an alternative entry to the right of this main entry. That entry was pretty rutted out by the time we got there.


Up she comes.


Yahoo Chris made it through on his own steam. Wow so awesome we have made it. You can see the water marks on the Ute doors and the depth on the trailer than had we got stuck we would have certainly got water in both vehicles.

The drive out was like driving on the creek, some very steep sideways bit.

We drove up to the Jardine River and had lunch and checked out the old Jardine crossing. It’s a long way to cross in croc infested waters.


Ferry over the Jardine cost $130 for cars only and $145 for car and trailer for a 40 sec ride. It’s so quick you do not get the opportunity to take photos on board.


We have pulled into Loyalty Beach Campground for 3 nights. Bit like bush camping, no designated campsites, plenty of room, generators can be used up until 8pm, no mention of a start time which they should have. Cost $24 a night. We are back off the beach a bit but will a view of the beach and islands. Trying to get out of the wind.

We were pleased to see our fellow my swaggers from the south OTT here and they have made it up the northern OTT too, really excited for them too, well done guys a huge achievement.

Click on the link above for a larger version in Google Maps of the days travels