Middle Lagoon

10/7/14 – Well what an eventful 15km that was. Took us 3 hrs to do the last 15km of the track to the bitumen. We led the way with our new friends Peter and Shirley in their caravan behind us. We had to stop every couple of hundred metres to clear the road from either low branches, dead trees sticking out, other branches etc. Our little fold up pull saw worked a treat. Poor Peter and Shirley were very stressed from the ordeal and were ever so grateful we stayed with them. We parted at the bitumen with a plan to meet up tonight at Middle Lagoon.

Too-many-trees Lots-of-trees

The road into Middle Lagoon isn’t too bad, corrugated in some places and it does have some big ups and downs like a roller coaster in the middle section. We arrived at 12.02 the office closed at 12 until 1pm for lunch, grrr. So we went and had lunch and had a walk around the place. Checked out the Ridge where we had booked our site months ago. The Ridge is right on the edge of a sand hill with uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, perfect spot. There was only one spot left, as it turns out at least 4 other people we know about also booked into the Ridge.

Once the office opened we went to check in, despite the fact our booking said the Ridge he had us booked on a site way way back past the office, past the water tanks just about outside the place and well away from the water. At first he didn’t accept that we had booked the ridge (despite the fact I had the paper work to prove it) and tried to past the blame to who knows who, it just wasn’t his fault. In end he apologized and we got to camp on the Ridge in the “No Camping” area, prime location but we had to camp in the middle away from a cabin on one side and a caravan who wanted his space on the other side, great even more space for us. We explained to our caravan neighbours the muck up and why we were setting up in the no camping area, very nice friendly people who invited us over to watch the sunset and have nibbles and drink.

Our-site-on-the-Ridge-1 Our-site-on-the-Ridge

We know of several other people within the five mins we were here that also had their booking stuffed up and now we have a neighbour on the other side who must have also had their booked mucked up. So organization here is not great. There are 2 amenities with 2 showers and 2 toilets in each. We were told the water is only hot around 2.30pm, so we used our own shower. It’s a bush camp, so don’t expect to much. Bit mucked up to start but we are in a great spot so all worked out in the end. After our big day we both feel a little frazzled.


11/07/14 – Well we can’t show you all gorgeous photos of aqua blue water, blue skies or red rocks lit up by the morning sun because it’s overcast. We can hardly make out the horizon out over the water. Toady was a rest day, baking and catching up on bits days. We went for a swim in the arvo and had fish jumping round us.

We nearly got a good sunset but it fizzed in the end. It was still nice to watch it set with Peter and Shirley and have a chat.