Lawn Hill Gorge

Sun 19th – Wow it’s amazing, not in the size of Katherine Gorge but the colours are vibrant and it’s so peaceful.

Lawn-Hill-Gorge Lawn-Hill-Gorge-1

We paddled up the whole gorge from the national park. It’s an easy paddle up to Indarri Falls, 3 km return. Amazing green water, red cliffs and plenty or vegetation. We saw 2 fresh water crocs along this section, one was pretty big.

Lawn-Hill-Gorge-2 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-7

Lots of fish in the water, not a lot of birdlife at the time we did it. But there was a lot of people paddling. So maybe too many people.

Fish Lawn-Hill-Gorge-6 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-3

Then we lifted the Kayak out of the water and walked it around the the top gorge and paddled up the a further 1300m to the end where a series of channels run into the gorge. Lots of palms and other trees in the top section.

Upper-Lawn-Hill-Gorge Upper-Lawn-Hill-Gorge-1 Upper-Lawn-Hill-Gorge-2

Once back at the Indarri Falls we had a swim, it was really lovely, not too cold, lots of fun.

Lawn-Hill-Gorge-4 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-5 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-8 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-9 Lawn-Hill-Gorge-FallsFun-in-the-falls

Then back to the start all up 6km paddle, really relaxing and tranquil on the water, well worth doing. A lot easier than walking it.