Horizontal Waterfalls

16/7/14 – Wow wow wow, what an awesome day. We as well as everyone who did the trip loved it. We parked the Ute and trailer at the Derby airport before boarding our 14 seater sea plane. We got to sit in the back by ourselves with plenty of leg room 🙂 it was a little bit bumpier than say a Qantas plane but none of us had an issue. Such amazing views over the mud flats of Derby, really shows how far the tides do go out.


Derby-Flats Derby-Flats-1 Derby-Flats-2

Some amazing views with turquoise coloured water. When we flew over the falls it was breathtaking.


Flight-Out-Falls Falls

We landed at their pontoons where we were giving a bit of a run down on the order on the day.


First up was feeding and swimming with the sharks which we both did, lots of fun.

Shark Shark-feeding

Next was a boat trip around the area before heading to the falls.

Bay Bay-1 Bay-2 Full-Throttle

We had a few goes through the first and wider falls which was heaps of fun, there were 2 boats.

Horizontal-Falls Horizontal-Falls-1 Horizontal-Falls-2

We had a change of driver who then took us through the narrower, higher and rougher falls, again heaps of fun. We could only do the 2nd narrow falls at this time as later in the day the tide would be too high and not safe to go through.

Horizontal-Falls-5 Horizontal-Falls-4

Horizontal-Falls-6 Horizontal-Falls-7 Horizontal-Falls-8

Then it was back to the pontoon base for Barra and salad which was really yummy. Then it was back in the boats again for another trip to the falls, this time just the first smaller falls. The tide was up a lot more and it was rougher, throwing us around, bouncing up and down. If you didn’t hang on I’m sure you would fall out. They go through several times, we all had big grins on our faces, loved every min of it. Either my chiropractor is going to have his work cut out for him when I get back or everything just got put back in place.

Base Back-to-base

Back to the pontoon, quick drink before boarding our sea plane again. Different route back, a very scenic trip, flying a bit lower so a bit rougher. Awesome views of the Buccaneer Archipelago which has 800 – 1000 rocky islands.

Talbot-Bay Talbot-Bay-1 Talbot-Bay-2 Talbot-Bay-3 Talbot-Bay-4 Talbot-Bay-5

Back to the Derby airport at 2.30pm. We hopped in the car and headed out of Derby. Stopping at Ngumpan Cliff Lookout for the night.