Gap, Chasm and Waterhole

Sat 28th – We stayed the night at Stuart Caravan Park in Alice Springs. $32 powered a night. We asked for a concrete slab this time, it was so nice to not have dust or dried bits of grass at our door for a change. It’s a bit older park, sites are small, smaller than Wintersun. Dumb point is not in an ideal spot. Even though this park was further away from the Todd River there was still a little noise from the locals. Fortunately the neighbours were quiet since we were all so close.

The drive heading west out of Alice is spectacular, burnt orange cliffs rise up to meet you. First stop was Simpson Gap, mate our lenses aren’t wide enough and that’s 10mm. It really has to be seen in person, the camera does not do it justice. There is an emerald coloured pool at the base of the gap, inviting but very cold and no swimming allowed. There are heaps of fallen rocks at the base of one cliff, this is where the Rock Wallabies like to come out and play, particularly at night. Hard to capture it all in one shot and one side is in the sun and another in the shade.

Simpson-Gap Simpson-Gap-1

Well as nice as Standley Chasm was it was a bit of a let down. Nice tangerine orange walls reaching high to the blue sky. It wasn’t very big, not as spectacular or as breathtaking as we were led to believe. Cost $10 when Trephina Gorge as a day visitor was free and much better in our view. Maybe we are spoilt in QLD but apart from Carnarvon Gorge being fantastic, there are other walks you can do that led you up into little chasm, with ferns and waterfalls, that we think are better. But each to their own and everyone needs to make there own decision about the place.

Standley-Chasm Standley-Chasm-1

Next stop was Ellery Creek Big Hole, a popular spot for the locals in summer. Ellery Creek is blessed with a large permanent waterhole at the base of stunning orange cliffs. Can see why it is popular in summer, be awesome to swim up to and through the gap in the cliffs. Very nice spot. There is also camping available at the waterhole.

Ellery-Creek-Big-Hole Cave-at-Ellery-Big-Hole

We have stopped for the night at Neil Hargraves Lookout which allows 24hr camping. It’s well off the road but rather exposed so we could be in for a chilly night. There are 4 other groups staying here. We are taking the opportunity to do some washing, yes we have a washing machine.