El Questro

28/06/14 – We topped up the jerry cans and topped off the fuel tanks again. Called into the Zebra Rock Gallery on the way out of town. Some amazing pieces but very expensive. By the time we did our bits and had lunch it was afternoon by the time we arrived at El Questro (ELQ).


We just missed out on getting a private site, we could have one for the next few nights but didn’t want to move camp. The check in process is very smooth and quick. Cost is $20 pp/pn plus $20 each for their Wilderness pass which lasts a week. Total cost $160 for 3 nights. The most cost effective is to stay 4 nights as you then get 20% off the whole 4 nights. Private sites are $28 pp/pn and we think they might be worth paying the difference. The main camping area gets pretty full, is very dusty, can be noisy from other campers and from the live music from the bar. At night with people’s lights on you can see the dust and smoke from fires sitting in the air. There is lots of trees and when the numbers are down it’s nice to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

ELQ-Campground-3 ELQ-Campground-2 ELQ-Campground-1 ELQ-Campground

The amenities are little ensuite huts that are usually dirty, there is also one small amenities block with several showers and toilets. There are not enough amenities for the number of people staying here, there are often queues. Several times the hot water was cool and only a dribble came out of the shower. Many people were complaining about this. For the money you pay to stay here that is very poor.


Diesel fuel was $2.28L petrol was dearer.