El Questro, Springs, Gorges and 4wd Tracks

29/6/14 – We were up early as people packing up to leave were up early and making lots of noise, oh well we wanted to be up early anyway.

First up we went to Zebedee Springs which is only open to regular camping guests from 7am to 12. After that it is for ELQ tour groups. So it can get very busy. Fortunately it wasn’t to bad when we arrived but soon filled up. The springs are small natural rock holes surrounded by palms and cliffs. Temp is between 28-32 degrees, we think the lower pools are cooler that the top pools. It’s a 1.5km return walk to the springs.

Zedebee-Springs-3 Zedebee-Springs-2 Zedebee-Springs-1 Zedebee-Springs

It’s a 1 hour walk into the halfway point to El Questro Gorge from the car park, to a small crystal clear small swimming hole. The walk involves a bit of rock hopping, crossing the creek bed several times and walking in damp areas. The walk past here to the top pool takes a further 1 1/2 hrs one way. It involves walking through waste deep water and climbing up a large rock and more difficult terrain. It was a lovely shaded gorge but didn’t have the wow factor.

ELQ-Gorge-Walk-2 ELQ-Gorge-Walk-1 ELQ-Gorge-Walk ELQ-Gorge-2 ELQ-Gorge-1 ELQ-Gorge

We came back to camp to have lunch before setting off on some of the 4wd tracks. First stop was Saddleback Ridge and lookout, which was up a very steep hill, first gear low range both up and down. The view from the top was amazing with 360 degree views.

Saddleback-Ridge-Lookout Saddleback-Ridge

Chamberlain Gorge was pretty impressive. You can hire a boat to explore the gorge yourself or go on a ELQ tour which like most things at ELQ isn’t cheap.


We had to cross a very rocky and rough river to explore further to Explosion Gorge. Which again offered some pretty impressive views.


We had afternoon tea at Branko’s Lookout which gave great views over the river and towards the Station which is very high end accommodation. Which they keep you away from.

The-Homestead Brankos-Lookout-1 Brankos-Lookout

Then it was back to camp to put the Webber on for lamb roast for tea.