Day 27 – 4th May

We got up reasonable early but not sunrise time as we didn’t think there was any point, as far as lighting was concerned. We spent a few hours walking around the main part of the Walls of China, taking pics by 9am the lighting wasn’t as good so we headed back.

Mungo Sandhills

We had a relaxing arvo and a walk to the look out before heading back to the Red Top area, taking loads of pics for several hours well after the sun went down and we couldn’t see any more. I think the photos will speak for themselves.We called into the Woolshed on the way which was constructed in 1869, it is quite a large building with holding pens for the sheep, little gates that the shearer would grab a sheep through and then when he had finished lifted up hatches with a ramp to send the sheep down underneath. The pulleys for the shears were still up on beams. The floor is made of slatted timber so all the poos and wees could go through. It really stunk in there, there was a sign stating the building has been used for shearing sheep for 100 years and sheep have not been shorn in there for more than 30 years but they had left their distinct aroma, and boy they weren’t kidding. It was a very fascinating building though.

Mungo, Walls of China