Day 24 – 1st May

This morning we hung around the park chatting to our neighbours. On one side is a brand new Bush tracker, 3 days old, doesn’t even have dust in the tyres yet, owned by a couple from WA who picked it up at the Sydney caravan show, 12 month wait for a bush tracker. It has 5 water tanks on board 100 lts each, diesel heater, all the mod cons. We were telling them about the Oodnadatta track and the stone damage to our water pipes, Chris asked if he could look under their van, they said they would love a free inspection and asked Chris to let them know of anything they should be aware off. As soon as he looked underneath he could see a John Guest fitting that was just like ours that was exposed, that needed protection and some other pipes as well. Their van has different windows than ours apparently Bush tracker stopped using the galaxy windows, (our type) as they found they didn’t seal real good, we know. Their van is a beauty, so they should do well with it. They also go gold prospecting and the gold has now paid for all their equipment and latest detectors.


On the other side are some people from Tassie who have not done any free camping on the Murray yet because it was too cold. I told them wait until I tell my mum about the Tassie folk whinging about the cold. They have a Coromal off road van, and they were cleaning it, before they head to the Oodnadatta track, we told them why bother. They were keen to hear about the track and wanted Chris to point out any bits underneath their van; they then went to Bunning’s and bought some extra bits. Chris should charge a consultation fee. Point is they are all the same, too exposed under the van.

Paddling-up-the-Murray State-Bridge

After lunch we went for a big paddle up the Murray, it was fun, we paddled from NSW to VIC, such long way. We paddled past massive house boats, and paddle steamers, went down to the weir, then back up again under the bridge that crosses between states. I took some bread with me to feed the ducks but they weren’t keen about having someone in the water with them. I was throwing some bread to some black swans when the seagulls were coming down, and swooping in getting the bread. We then kept doing this so I could get some shots, but ahhh the camera is so slow, I got lots of empty water shots. In the end Chris would throw the bread, I would focus on the bread and then he would tell me when they would come in and I would click as they flew into the shot, have no idea what they are like yet. Anyway it was all lots of fun, we expect to have sore arms tomorrow, you could spend hours on the river and time would just vanish.

Sharing the Murray at Mildura

We then went and checked out the local Mall. We had tea outside overlooking the Murray; first time we have been able to do anything outside due to flies since we left home, very few flies here, ahh so nice. We are enjoying our time here so much we have booked in for another night. We heard from our neighbours than the road to Mungo National park was closed due to 10mm of rain. So we checked at the National park office, the road is now open but does have water over it in some places. The road to the Walls of China is open but the loop road is closed. So it’s just as well we are staying here another day