Day 23 – 30th April

We were as snug as a bug in bed last night but anything sticking out of the doona froze off. It was 4 degrees in the van at 6.30am when we got up for the sunrise. I had no idea it was so light for such a long time before the sun actually got up, see what’s the point of getting up so early.

After we left the Perry Sandhills we checked out lock 10 at Wentworth on the Murray, we also saw where the 2 rivers, the Darling and the Murray meet. Everyone we met on our travels said how cold it was this morning so it wasn’t just us Queenslanders feeling the cold. We also stopped in at Orange World which was a bit lame; I did buy a special orange peeler.


We then checked into a van park right of the Murray, on the NSW side, which is actually the closest van park to Mildura, CDB and the only one on the river. It’s in a beaut spot and we have a super beaut spot as our site is right on the river bank only a few meters from the water. Across from our site is the Mildura Wharf where 2 old paddle steamers depart for trips up the Murray, the “Melbourne” and “Rothbury”. We have also seen rowers rowing up the river. There are also heaps of ducks, geese and swans, which came over to us looking for some food when we went for a walk earlier, we have also seen Kites (birds) flying over head.


We have been state hopping today, NSW, VIC then back to NSW, yesterday we did 3 states. We have topped up the fruit and vegies, and doing loads of washing. We have booked in for 2 nights, and look forward to using the heater, tomorrow we will check out the Angus Park dried fruit place and just enjoy the River, maybe putting the Kayak in for a paddle.

The park has a movie on tonight on the banks of the river, we thought about going but it would be freezing and the movie they are showing is Mama Mia, Chris said he could do without having people sing along to Abba songs right next to him.