Day 16 -16th April

Today we went to the Victoria Markets, which is an experience not to be missed. There are lots of fruit and veggies stalls, a big meat area with all kinds of meats and fish, a deli area, stalls of every description selling a big variety of wares. Of course you get s lot of stalls selling similar items all fighting for your hand earned cash. A tag may say one price but before you know if they have dropped a reasonable amount off. As soon as you stop or even glance at an item the shopkeeper is in your face telling you what the sign obviously says or you pick up an item and before you know it they are helping you by showing you every item in the store, rather pesky, instead of just letting your browse. This did improve once it became busier we did buy a couple of things.

After we had lunch we went down to the Crown Casino, wow what a huge place, we were walking around looking at everything trying to work out how the games were played. Heaps and heaps of pokies, that kept on going and going and going all the way in. People where just sitting there like zombies pushing the buttons. Every now and then we would hear the sound of coins being dropped from the winnings, but most where losers. There were black jack tables, roulette tables as well as electronic versions and other games being played which I can’t remember the names of. Each of these tables has different amounts of bidding minimum limits. We watched as one group just about put chips on every square on one roulette table of course they did win but I don’t know how much they lost from the squares that didn’t win. There were a lot of people there that looked they could not afford to be. We did feed the pokies for a bit of fun on the 2 cents ones, at least we got to use their loos which were the cleanest in town.

We then came home on the tram and bus, before doing the washing, making bread and doing the groceries.