Day 15 – 15th April

Well we came home exhausted with achy feet but hopefully with a handful of good photos. We went to the Melbourne Zoo today, as far as zoo’s go it’s a pretty good Zoo, and the cost is reasonable, $24.40 for adults, we had a 10% discount card so cost us $22 for a full day out, parking cost us $4. There is a good variety of animals including the new baby Elephant, Mali.

We did line up to see Mali at one stage but it was packed, the queue was very long, we decided this was taking time off seeing other animals so got out of the line. They did have another afternoon showing that finished at 3pm, we wanted to see the adult Elephants so went to the Elephants exhibit, there were very few people around and Mali was still out, so we got to see her in the end, very cute and of course she took all our attention. She had a big ball she obviously loved as she kept playing with it while staying pretty close to mum.


Of course it is always a challenge to take pictures of animals through wires, especially the big cats which are my favourite. There were 4 male lions and at one stage they all started roaring, wow big roars wouldn’t want to come across that on a dark night.


The White Checked Gibbon were very cute, the white one kept coming right up to the glass, I bet he was thinking look at those animals in the cage, they look funny. Everyone, especially the kids thought they were very cute and thought it was lovely when it was licking its fingers until they saw where the fingers had been and what they were licking off, yucky.


We didn’t get to all the animals, we did redo a couple, we just ran out of time there is so much to see. We raced out and had lunch at the car, and only had very quick breaks just to rest our weary feet.

Baboon Bear Lima

There is still a few things we want to do in Melbourne and we don’t want to kill ourselves doing them so have booked in for another night.