Day 14 – 14th April

Today we went into the city on the number 112 tram, it’s a short drive to the tram stop, we found a park on the side of the road that allowed all day parking. Tram ticket cost $6.80 per adult, or $3.40 concession which gives you all day tram travel. It does take a long time to do the 9km stopping at every stop which is a lot. Once in the city there is a City Circle Tram that is free as well as a Tourist Shuttle, both doing slightly different routes.

We walked around the city area and hit all the camera shops we found, (of course), went up Bourke Street mall, not a scratch on Brisbane’s Queen St mall. Went on the City Circle Tram and walked around the Southbank area. Melbourne makes Brisbane look like a country town, and me being a country girl felt like I was walking around with my mouth open gawking at everything. Some amazing old building’s it’s just a pity they didn’t tidy them up a bit, with flaking paint, and generally dirty looking. We did find Melbourne rather grotty from what we are used to especially the toilets.

We had an afternoon cuppa at a Mc Cafe, there where all these tiny little birds flying and sitting around everywhere even going in behind the counter, we thought they were rather cute until we had trouble finding a seat and table that didn’t have bird droppings on it, so maybe not so cute and more of a problem.

We had planned to go back in tonight but we were worn out from the big smoke, so early night tonight as we have a big day planned tomorrow at the Melbourne Zoo.