Day 13 – 13th April

That would be about right; we woke to blue skies this morning. We left Mansfield and headed towards Healesville, it was a very pretty drive and we could see where the fires had been over 12 months ago, with lots of new growth. We had planned to go to the Healesville Sanctuary but changed our mind and decided to head to Melbourne, by this time the sky had become overcast again and it had cooled down.

We are booked into the Melbourne Big 4 Holiday Park in Coburg. It is 9km from the city and has a bus stop out the front and trams a short drive away that will take you into the city. The cost is $37 a night, we are on a large powered site, which is a good size but not overly large. It is a quite a nice park. There are 2 amenities block, the one near us it one big building with a very impressive camp kitchen in the middle, 4 unisex toilets at one end and 4 unisex individual shower cubicles at the other, the other amenities block is more like what you would expect.

They seem to have a thing in Victoria where they don’t trust you to put the exhaust fan on yourself. With the toilet and showers near us the exhaust fan comes on the moment you turn the light on, which you have to do as there are no windows. There is a vent in the middle of the floor which only purpose is to provide ventilation, problem is the moment the exhaust fan goes on it sucks cold air up the floor vent, I figured out very quickly to put my shoe over the hole to stop the draught, you can’t go to the loo without the light on as it’s pitch black, it’s like a little adventure to go to the loo, have to make sure you take your jumper.