Day 12 – 19th April

We had a nice sleep in before heading to the local flea markets. Most of the stuff was very old, even in the antique category, but still fun to have a look. We bought some bloke soap from a very friendly chatty fellow from Whyalla and some nomad soap that is designed to soap up better with the hard water in places like Cooper Pedy. We had a bit more of a walk around town before returning back to the van for lunch. Did some more last min washing as we are not sure when we will have the chance to do it again.

After lunch we went looking for the Red Banks which are cliffs next to the Spencer Gulf, we tried many different roads, dirt, sand, tar. We went to the lookout area and saw some kids on the other side of a rail bridge where we wanted to go. They had walked up the train tracks which we didn’t do but it helped work out the best way to go to get the best position we could for sunrise shots which was a bit of a walk, the cliffs at the time were in total shade. One of the local kids had driven up a dirt road next to the track we eventually worked out how he got there, which is only a short walk to where we need to be, so up early tomorrow for the sunrise, where the cliffs should glow a nice orange red in the morning sun.

Sunrise at Red Bank

Some old cars arrived at the van park late arvo, too late for some photos but nice to look at. They are on a rally from Freemantle to Sydney.

Tomorrow we leave here and head towards Cooper Pedy.