Day 12 – 12th April

Well we have decided to give it one more go, Craig’s Hut that is, more snow was supposed to fall overnight and the showers should have cleared by this arvo. The temp has certainly dropped outside.

We are catching up on postings this morning; we will have an early lunch before heading back up the mountain one last time, fingers crossed today is the day we get the photos we are after.

Foggy Snow Gums Foggy-Road

We had another big arvo not getting home until nearly 7.30pm; we left about 12.30pm and headed up Carters Road a 4wd track up to Tomahawk Hut. It was overcast when we left Mansfield but got very foggy as we continued up the mountain. At times it was hard to see very far in front of us it was very eerie, we were wondering what happened to the so call weather clearing. We then headed up the No 3 road, passing cows and the No 3 hut.

Cows in fog Tomahawk-Hut

The No 3 road links back onto the Circuit Road, at this point the fog cleared and we could see a few patches of blue sky. Pete Dobre was back up at Craig’s Hut also, he had stayed there the night before and told us he got some awesome sunrise shots.



We set up near him and took plenty of photos with him his enthusiasm was contagious. The sun did come out on and off much to Pete’s delight and ours we all got some pretty good shots. It has been very different up there every time we have been; you really are at the mercy of the elements. It did turn very very cold, even with thermals, jumpers, jackets, beanies and gloves we were still cold.