Day 10 – Sat 6th

Blue Sky nothing but blue sky, yippee finally some of the blue stuff no clouds in site. Good start to the day, I also finally got to sleep lying down, woke to a big coughing fit and the voice is a long way from normal but I am on the mend.

The people next to us left today, as did a few others, they gave us their card with email address on it asking us to email some of our award winning shots as we have inspired him to get back into his photography, he has a 300D. We had to jump start their car.

We went a did a couple of the closer walks, Baloon Cave that has some aboriginal stencilling, walked to the Rock Pool and then after lunch did Mickey Creek Gorge, we went as far as we could before water became an issue, we also went to the visitor centre. Gets warm walking but in the gorges it’s freezing. Water is still on the stepping stone crossing the creek, fingers crossed it will be ok tomorrow.

Wallaby hiding in some long grass

The road opened at lunch time so I guess all those waiting to come in finally made it. We have also heard that on Friday when the road was closed a standard car went around the road closed sign and tried to cross that first crossing and got washed away.When we came back this arvo the place is filling up, our peace has gone and we are surrounded, quite a few with kids, they are supposed to be at school. Our new neighbours in a camper trailer with 3 kids have taken this term off and are touring around Aus.