Day 11 – 18th April

We arrived in Port Augusta today. On the way we passed through little country towns like Peterborough, Orroroo and Wilmington, all very nice towns. Peterborough is a train buffs town. All this area has had more hills and mountains that most of the area we have been through. When we got through a Pass I can’t remember the name of, we were greeted with amazing views of Spencer’s Gulf which bought a wow from both our lips, and was very refreshing to see after all the dry landscape we had seen. Not that Port Augusta is green, a few of the parks have some green grass but that’s about it.

PA are particularly proud of their new foreshore area they have done up and a Big W. Which is small compared to what we are used to and only has a concrete floor. We went for a brief walk on the foreshore when we went shopping and it is very nice. PA gets a real icy wind, even the owners of the park we are staying in said PA is known for it. The day was beautiful but in the arvo it turned quiet chilly.

We have splurged and are staying at the Big 4 caravan park for 2 nights. One it had a dump point and 2 we thought we would treated ourselves to an ensuite site, which is lovely. The whole bathroom is bigger than the vans of course but the shower is actually smaller than the van’s but it is nice to have the water runny while we have a shower. Also it has a concrete slab which is way more than the other sites. They actually advertise power sites with compacted dirt as if it is a feature.

All batteries are getting a full charge up and we got all the dust out from every nook and cranny. We found some more areas of poor sealing where dust was coming in so Chris used his silicone again. We also did all the washing, and topped up the freezer etc. We expect Cooper Pedy to be dearer and once we leave Cooper Pedy it will be a while before we come back to some descent size shops.