Day 10 – 10th April

My mum’s birthday, Happy Birthday to her. After our late night we had a sleep in before I rang my mum to wish her Happy Birthday. The plan today was to go back up to the mountain and check out some more huts that we didn’t get to yesterday. But…………….. The weather has closed in, it’s wet, drizzling on and off was foggy around us earlier, certainly foggy on the mountain. We decided to do a bit of catch up around here this morning, I’ve done some house work or is that van work either way cleaned up, the washing is on and will use their dryers to dry things. Chris is looking up the Telstra site to find out why we aren’t using our bonus phone credits instead of it guzzling through our money. After lunch we will take a run up the mountain and see what it’s like, depending on the weather as now it’s gotten very wet.

We heard on the radio the other day about “Glamping” Glamour Camping, which means you have running water, hot showers, flushing toilets and in their situation a cabin or motel. So we came up with “Glamvanning” Glamour Caravanning, so if you have a hot shower, flushing toilet and a van you might be “Glamvanning” but what’s the difference between caravanning and Glamvanning you ask? For us it would be plugged into 240 power, so we can use the micro and heater whenever we want, the hose hooked to a tap so we don’t have to be stingy with tank water and lots of hot water for showers so no on and off. Now “Glamvanning” is nice occasionally especially when there might be snow on the way but in general we like to slum it and just do the good old caravanning pulled off on the side of the road at some free spot enjoying the elements of nature. They are forecasting snow over the next few days so we are going to book in another few days and do a bit more “Glamvanning” with that lovely heater.

The weather didn’t improve until late this arvo so we just stayed around the Van Park, and popped into town for a while.