Custom made kayak loader

We had been looking at the Thule Hullavator Kayak Loader to make it easier to get the kayak up and down. We also looked at other ones on the market. The Hullavator was not suitable due to the slopping sides of the canopy, the Hullavator would have hit the sides when it was flipped down. We were also told the Hullavator was not really suitable on corrugated roads. None of the other loaders on the market were suitable either due to the height of the canopy or were rear loading which was not suitable for us. So Chris went about custom designing and making his own, that was easy to use, could handle the corrugated roads and kept the kayak securely in place. He did an awesome job that suits our needs. It is easier to load and secure the kayak. The ladder is no longer needed,  we can now use a step which is in a quick and easy place to grab. (the plastic step in the photos broke, we now have a stronger step)  Making the whole process much easier, quicker, safer, less strain on the body so then we are more likely to use the kayak 🙂


The rails are made out of roof rack bars, the same as is on the Ute. The cradle, with the kayak securely strapped in, slides up these onto the roof, clips into place and then is locked.



The kayak can be lifted on to the cradle and secured at a much better height. Previously Chris had to lift it over his head then climb a ladder to put it onto the roof, then strap it in place.


The cradle is made out of marine ply and painted. It also holds the paddles in place under the kayak. Has trim around the edges to protect the kayak. The lockable straps, which have wire through them are permanently fixed to the cradle.

Kayak-Loader-4 Kayak-Loader-5 Kayak-Loader-6

Cradle latches securely on both sides of each roof rack and can be padlocked.

Kayak-Loader-8 Kayak-Loader-9

Kayak sits securely and locked on the roof.