Corella Dam

What an awesome spot and great to see blue water and green grass. We have heard from several other travellers that this was a great spot but it was very busy and spots next to the water were hard to get. It is a large area with plenty of areas away from the water.

We headed in here early coming from Mary Kathleen it was only 7kms hoping to nab a spot next to the water as people were leaving. Well we have got an awesome spot right on the point. It’s still a little windy and cool but we are hoping the winds drops some more. Either way we have terrific views out all windows and have been watching birds landing and taking off from the water.

There is also camping at Clem Walton Park a little further along the road, named one assumes after Clem Walton who with Norm McConachy discovered uranium at Mary Kathleen. We didn’t go to into Glen Walton this trip. There is loads of birdlife here and plenty of people heading out in boats of all kinds, would be awesome to paddle the kayak in.

In 1956 the Theiss Brothers started construction on Corella Dam, in mid 1957 the first water was pumped to Mary Kathleen. This area is 57km west of Cloncurry so doing a run into Cloncurry for supplies isn’t out of the question.

Unfortunately it remained windy with big gusts at times. We did a big walk around the dam chatting to a few other travellers, big area with lots of campers congregating is some spots for some reason.

Late arvo the wind came back up again and honestly it was freezing outside more like Victorian winter weather not very Queensland especially this far north. We will see what the night brings.