Cobbold Gorge

The road from Forsayth to Cobbold Gorge Village is a wide gravel road that is well maintained. There are several dips that are a bit rough that you really need to slow down for. There are call points along the way where you need to state where you are so oncoming traffic particular the trucks know where you are. Took about an hour towing the van from Forsayth.

First impression of Cobbold Gorge Village was it was well laid out and planned. At reception there is a lovely deck outside with some nice wooden seats where people sit to get mobile reception as it pretty well the only area you can get it.

Across from the reception is the restaurant and McDonalds deck next to the infinity pool. Pool is amazing but rather cool.

After checking in we headed to our site which was a drive through terrace site with a pebble base. This is how you do sites in outback areas, put some gravel down and reduce the dust. Sites are large with no crowding at all.

There is a shady camping area that has some grass but due to use is mostly bare dirt or a mixture of some gravel.

The amenities block is like a demountable building with unisex toilets, laundry and camp kitchen on one side and combined shower and toilets on the other side with hand basins in the middle. All very clean and tidy. There is also some bbq’s in a nearby covered area.

There are a few communal fire pits around as well as fire drums at each powered site.

We had booked in for 2 nights but after being here for a few hours and the great relaxing vibe of the place we decided we wanted to stay another night.

Apart from the tours, there is bushwalking, free use of the kayaks on the dam, Aqua golf and of course relaxing. If you have the funds you can also do several helicopter tours.