Charleville, Augathella, Tambo

Sat -7/4/12

Our make shift rest area proved to be one of the best stops so far, very little bugs, we were actually able to sit outside and enjoy the stars and full moon. It was also very quiet.

We stopped at the Charleville tyre place to get the tyre from yesterday fixed or replaced. (supposed to be closed over Easter) There was a big queue and 4wd’s were coming and going, a constant stream of people fronting up with flats. The technical term for our tyre was “it’s stuffed” great big tear inside the tyre. Great, new tyre did less than 500kms on it and its stuffed. They didn’t have the replacement tyre Chris would of like to of bought so he bought a second hand tyre for $60 to get us home. We still have the spare from the trailer that will fit the ute as well. A bit later we went back past the tyre place and it was closed so we were very lucky to strike them open.

Charleville feels like the big smoke, actually it looks to be quite a big town. We called into the info centre to find out where we could fill up with water. We were able to fill up there and they have a dump point close by. There is also a drinking water tap just up from the dump point. The man was very friendly and helpful. Several of the locals have commented to us it’s very hot today and it shouldn’t be this hot in April, it’s about 34 degrees. We replied it’s not hot compared to where we had come from, but yes it’s pretty warm.

We called into Augathella and stopped at a nice park for lunch. It had green frogs in the loo. The rodeo is on today.

Ok forget about not being able to complain about QLD roads, maybe the dirt ones are better than SA but the black top so far has been mostly rotten. Augathella to Tambo is so bouncy. We did see our first Brolgas crossing the road.

We tried to find out info on the roads out to Salvator Rosa only the tourist info place was closed as was the police station. We asked at the servo and the Wilderness Way is the preferred way rather than through Springsure at the moment. But there are rains around, so we have checked the radar and it seems clear out this way for the time being but we are going with extreme caution, especially with our tyres we no longer have a lot of faith in.

We had a few spits of rain which just served to turn out dust into red mud. The road so far has been pretty good a wide gravel road with one creek crossing. We are following the Wilderness Way signs which we hope are right as yet there are no signs to the National Park, we have come approx 45kms. We have stopped for the night at another gravel pit, well off the road. We seem to have a liking for these :). All to keep us company are the cows, kangaroos and the birds, awesome. Travelled 259kms