Simpson Desert

We head off for our trip to the Simpson Desert with anticipation, excitement, a few butterflies of nerves but with a great sense of adventure. It’s good to have a healthy respect for the remote areas of Australia, a lot can go wrong, a well prepared vehicle is a must. The Simmo has been on our bucket list of places we would like to see for many many years. Finally the time has come.

With a trip like this a lot of preparation and planning is required. You really need to think through every aspect of the trip, do lots of research and ask lots of questions. Many do take their camper trailers across the Simpson and get across perfectly fine, but it’s strongly discouraged. We decided to leave the camper trailer at the Birdsville Caravan Park in storage for 2 weeks, but still have the use of it to and from Brisbane.

It’s a balance of what spares, tools, water, fuel, food, recovery gear etc is needed and what you can leave at home to lighten the load.

The back seat has come out again to make room for the tent, bedding and a few other bits. Chris has secured a table over the top of the compressors etc which, gives us a flat base for packing, protects bits and gives us a table to use 😀

Some rearranging and removing of items not needed has made room for items that usually go in the trailer like clothes, food, plates etc

We are allowing 2 weeks from Birdsville taking the Warburton and Rig road across to Purnie Bore and onto Dalhousie, where we will stay a few days. Run up to Mt Dare to fill up and maybe do a run up to Old Andado.

Then we will take the French line, Poepple Cnr and QAA line back to Birdsville. Well that’s the plan anyway. 🙂

The times they are a changin

As Bob Dylan sung back in 1964 “The times they are a changin” and they certainly have for us in the last few years. In a great and wonderful way with 3 beautiful grandchildren. The configuration and setup we have had in the Ute for the last 6 years has suited us great but with the addition of our crazy Labrador Jess and some little munchkins that will like to come camping with “Mama and Grandude” we needed to do some slight modifications which included putting the back seat into the Ute.

Sounds easy enough but if you recall the back seat area was where we had installed the batteries, the chargers, inverter, air compressor, air tank and all the air hoses and wiring that go with these items. As well as a set of draws on both sides.

Finding new places for the items was not an easy task. It took many weeks to find just the right spots. It was also an opportunity to change over our batteries as we weren’t happy with how the current ones were performing. Now lithium batteries would have been nice but since we haven’t won lotto yet we opted for 2 x 150amp Fullriver AGM batteries. Chris still wanted to keep them low and as forward as he could. Behind the genie proved to be the sweet spot.

With the chargers and inverter just above them on the front wall of the canopy in a little nook that wasn’t been used and well protected.

Chris also installed a new battery monitor, that gave him a lot more information and details.

Another unused little spot is under the back seat. Chris managed to fit 2 compressors, all the air hoses and wiring under the seat and the 2 fire extinguishers easily accessed on each side. The air tank will have to sit outside protected between the cabin and canopy.

A new addition is a 175w solar panel that will be installed on the Ute canopy when we are not taking the kayak. This and the current 100w solar panel on the Ute will charge the FullRivers and starter battery.

When we have the kayak the 175w solar will travel on top of the existing solar on the trailer charging the trailer batteries as we travel and of course like the other one come off and be setup when we are staying put for a while.

All up we think the new changes work very well and will suit us very well for our upcoming trip crossing the Simpson Desert.