Let’s Go

We are all hooked up and ready to go for 2 weeks off over Easter. Will be heading off as soon as Chris comes home from work. First stop for the night will be Swinging Bridge near Cooyar. Then it’s on towards Nuga Nuga National Park where we will be meeting friends. We are taking the Kayak and looking forward to paddling along Lake Nuga Nuga. From there we don’t know yet. 🙂 We may not have any internet when we are away, if not we will catch up when we get home.

Hooked up ready to go

We have a couple of new additions this trip. Chris had made a Kayak loader and put 100w solar panel on the roof of the canopy. A great test before our big trip later in the year.



For all those heading of for Easter, please be extra careful on the roads and have an awesome time.

Happy Travels 🙂

Nuga Nuga National Park

Our one night stop at Swinging Bridge near Cooyar.
12/04/14 – We arrived at Nuga Nuga National Park mid afternoon. Quick set-up and then arvo tea with our friends who had been there for a few days.
We had an awesome view of the lake, a great sight to wake up to every morning. The morning sun shown on the trees giving them a ghost like appearance. Unfortunately we didn’t see the sun for a few days though, with light rain for the first few days.
The water level in the lake was several meters lower than last Easter and no water lilies this time. The water was shallow for a long way into the lake making if difficult to get the kayak in. We did finally get to see some sun 🙂
Unfortunately Kate was sick with a cold and spent many nights coughing, so we didn’t do a lot in the time we had at Nuga Nuga. It was just lovely to just chill out a relax for a few days chatting and laughing with good company and chasing the odd bird or two. The birds were a long way from the shore and not to keen on having their photo taken.
The sun came out briefly, this was the best sunset we had.
Wed 16/04/14 – We left Nuga Nuga and headed to the Dawson River Rest Area 7km outside Moura. We were fortunate to get a couple of spots along the back fence line which happens to be the furthest spot away from the road. The place was already pretty full. The toilet block has showers $1 coin slot for 2 min shower, they also ask for donations for the up keep of the place.
We had fun photographing the kites and the skiers on the water until the black clouds came rolling in. The storm did cool things down, we had rain on and off for the next few hrs. There are loads of mossies here.
Boarding Skiing

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Q – Dawson River Rest Area

Dawson River Rest Area – T, S, B, OR, BR, D. 7 km’s east of Moura by the Dawson River,  no camping near day and boat ramp. Large grassy area, trees for shade. Shower $1 to operate. Toilets old, stained, donations requested for up keep of facilities. As you come into town on the right hand side there is a truck wash down area. Next to that, town side is water for filling up your water tank. Dump point is just past the town, turn left just after the railway line, on the left. Dawson River is a Popular spot. Rating – 4

Moura-Camping-Area Moura-Camping-Area-1 Moura-Day-Area The-Loo's

Dawson-River-Rest-Area Dawson-River-Rest-Area-1 Dawson-River-Rest-Area-2 Dawson-River-Rest-Area-3

Time to move on

17/04/14 – We filled up fuel and water in Moura and did a bit of shopping. As you come into town on the right hand side there is a truck wash down area. Next to that, town side is water for filling up your water tank. Dump point is just past the town, turn left just after the railway line, on the left.

We had lunch at Theodore and the Junction Park which was a really lovely spot along the river. Donations are requested if you stay the night and there are $1 showers. We were tempted to stay a few nights but decided to keep moving to our destination of Chain Lagoons.

Junction-Park-stopped-for-lunch Junction-Park-tables

Chain Lagoons is 16km north of Taroom, via Chain Lagoons road. Approx 1 km along the road we came to what looked like to be a camping area, but not that exciting and not near the lagoon. Access to the lagoons has been blocked off with a fence across the road. We took a side track which got narrower and then eventually rain parallel with the main road and then stopped. Not sure what the point of the track was. We decided to head to Lake Murphy Conservation Park for the night instead.

18km north of Taroom onto Fitzroy Development Road then a further 12km along a well graded road to the Lake Murphy camping area. The drive to Lake Murphy can only be described as beautiful. Lovely tall gums, cattle grazing, emus, kangaroos and birds.


We set up both campers in one of the larger sites. It wasn’t long before Apostle birds came to check us out.


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Q – Junction Park

Junction Park – T, S, B, OR, BR, D, DW. At Theodore, south end of town. Lovely spot next to the river and a large park with table, chairs and shelter. Camping is along a gravel area next to the road leading into the park, narrow area. Also as you first enter the area on grassy area. Toilets with showers $1 coin operated. They do ask for donations. We were told this area fills up from May through the winter months. Rating – 4

Junction-Park Junction-Park-1 Junction-Park-Loos Junction-Park-River Junction-Park-ShowersJunction-Park-Showers-coins Junction-Park-stopped-for-lunch Junction-Park-tables

Lake Murphy

18/04/14 – It is so lovely and peaceful here, we have decided to chill out and relax here for a few days. The apostle birds are our constant companions. There is not a cloud in the sky. It always amazes me how blue the sky is in the bush away from the pollution of the city, so amazing seeing the thousands of stars that grace the night sky.


It’s not a bad place to see out Easter away from the maddening crowds. There are 6 large sites fenced on three sides by short timber fences. Most of the sites will fit several campers or tents one in particular is quite large. Each site has a fire place, tables and green grass. The camping area is surrounded by gum trees, palms and other trees. Not a bad place to relax at all, tranquil, peaceful, serene.

There is a large day use area with a large undercover area with table and chairs and toilets.

Day-Area-HutIt is a short walk to the usually dry Lake Murphy which only has water in it when the nearby Robinson Creek, which runs parallel to the road floods.


There is a 4km circuit which starts and ends in the camp ground which is more of a nature trail which follows the creek for some parts, crosses the road and winds amongst the gums and the Dawson Palms, a very pretty walk.






Q – Lake Murphy Conservation Park

Lake Murphy Conservation Park – T, OR, $, W. 39 km NW of Taroom. Turn onto Fitzroy Developmental Road 18 km N of Taroom. Large grassy sites, fire pits at every site. Long drop loo’s in day area. Could only send text on mobile that was plugged into the aerial. Large day area, with tables and large undercover area. Rating – 4

Judds Lagoon

21/4/14 – We reluctantly left Lake Murphy but it was time to move on and our friends wanted to stop back in at Judds Lagoon for a few nights.

First stop was Taroom, were we filled up water and fuel tanks and had morning tea by the river. It’s a lovely busy little town, RV friendly so dump point and plenty of taps in the local park to fill up with water.

Next we stopped for lunch at a park in Wandoan. Again plenty of taps to fill up with water and a dump point, a nice country town. At the park there was a statue of a Mick the cattle dog. In 1901 an injured stockman scratched a message for help on his tin matchbox, threaded it to his belt and attached it to Mick’s neck and sent him home for help, saving the stockman’s life.

MickMapThe old Wandoan railway station is also set up in the park as well as the Wandoan Windmill which is purely decorative but a mill of this size can pump between 22,700 to 31,800 litres per day. The mill was originally erected at Bungaban station to pump water from a bore.
WindmillAcross from the park is a huge painted mural on one of the water storage tanks, amazing piece of work.

WaterMural-Truck MuralFrom there we took the road to Jackson along the Warrego Hwy to Yuleba then onto Judds Lagoon 3km SE of Yuleba. It’s a largish area next to the lagoon, lot of trees and shade. Area close to the lagoon is on rather a slope. We had trouble finding a spot that didn’t have remnants of a fire with ash. Even though it is 2km from the hwy we were surprised there was still some hwy noise at night. It’s a fairly popular spot. 4 weeks ago the lagoon had very little water in it. Recent rains have mostly filled in the lagoon much to the delight of the local kids. There is a rope swing they come down and use when it’s hot. The water does have a stagnant smell to it, not enough water yet to flush it through. This camping area would very different if there was no water in the lagoon.

Judds-our-camp-spot22/4/14 – The place cleared out this morning and so far it’s not as full as it was last night.

We had a paddle up the creek/lagoon/billabong, it’s always so relaxing and peaceful paddling up a stream.

Judds-Lagoon-paddling Judds-Lagoon-paddling-camp-area Judds-Lagoon-paddling-on-the-lagoon Judds-Lagoon-shore

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Q – Judds Lagoon

Judds Lagoon – T, B, F, D BR, OR, M, W. 3 km SE of Yuleba, turn W onto Forestry Rd just before the town Cemetery. It’s a largish area next to the lagoon, lot of trees and shade. Area close to the lagoon is on rather a slope. Even though it is 2km from the hwy we were surprised there was still some hwy noise at night. It’s a fairly popular spot. There is not always water in the lagoon. Rating – 4

Q – Chinchilla Weir

Chinchilla Weir – T, B, M, W, OR, F, D, ND, BR. 9 km SW of Chinchilla on the Chinchilla-Tara Road. Free camping for 2 days. Power available ,donation for power at the information centre. Right on the weir, may get noise from power boats. Lots of birds, shady sites, very popular spot. Tap water is brown do not drink. One area is sectioned off with bollards with a road way going through. Another grassy area seems to be the overflow area. Bit too crowded for our liking. Rating – 3.5

Chinchilla-Weir-Camping-area Chinchilla-Weir-Camping-area-Regs Chinchilla-Weir-main-camping-area Chinchilla-Weir-main-camping-area-1 Chinchilla-Weir-main-camping-area-2 Chinchilla-Weir-overflow-Camping-area