Day 9 – 9th April

Wow what a day. We left the van about 9.30am as we knew we were going to be home late today so didn't want to start too early. We packed all the food, water and lots of warm clothes we needed as we were heading up the mountains, with Craig’s Hut on the hit list. We headed … Continue reading Day 9 – 9th April

Day 11 – 11th April

That’s more like it, the Jack is now covered in mud covering up the slimy green hoppers, life has returned to normal. We will need to hose it down though as its hard open a door without getting dirty. Weather wise we just about covered it all today, we had rain, fog and sunshine at … Continue reading Day 11 – 11th April

Day 12 – 12th April

Well we have decided to give it one more go, Craig’s Hut that is, more snow was supposed to fall overnight and the showers should have cleared by this arvo. The temp has certainly dropped outside. We are catching up on postings this morning; we will have an early lunch before heading back up the … Continue reading Day 12 – 12th April

Day 13 – 13th April

That would be about right; we woke to blue skies this morning. We left Mansfield and headed towards Healesville, it was a very pretty drive and we could see where the fires had been over 12 months ago, with lots of new growth. We had planned to go to the Healesville Sanctuary but changed our … Continue reading Day 13 – 13th April