Bungle Bungles, The Domes

24/6/14 – We packed up camp today and moved down to the Walardi camping area. We didn’t think this camp area was as nice as Kurrajong. It’s not as big and the roads are rougher. We were all setup by morning tea, so went at did the Domes walk.

The Picaninny car park is 17km from the campground and takes a little over 30mins to get there as all roads are 50km/hr in the park. The road is pretty corrugated. Care needs to be taken, someone rolled their Jackaroo just by going to fast.

The Domes walk is a pretty easy 700m loop. In the heat it feels longer. Wow wow wow, they are amazing, it’s like you can’t get enough of the Domes. The photos can speak for themselves.

Walking_Piccaninny Domes-Walk-5 Domes-Walk-4 Domes-Walk-3 Domes-Walk-2 Domes-Walk-1 Domes-Walk Domes-Cave-1 Domes-Cave Domes

Back to camp for the hot arvo.