Best Australian Blogs 2014

Our travel site “Let’s Go Travel Australia” is an official nominee in the Best Australian Blogs 2014 Competition. There is a People’s Choice Award, where you can vote for our blog. It’s all a bit of fun, we would love it if you voted for us. 🙂 just click on the image below to be taken to the voting page. There are a few pages and the blogs are listed in alphabetical order. You can vote for more than one blog.

We will also take this opportunity to let you know of a few changes we have done to our website. First of all we have moved it to a self hosted site. This gives us more flexibility do some changes that we feel will benefit you as the reader. Due to moving it to a self hosted site, people who followed our site via the “follow” button through WordPress, will no longer get an email with new posts sent directly to your inbox but they will be listed under “Reader” on your own WordPress page. If you would still prefer emails sent directly to you just re follow our site by putting your email address in on the home page of our site.  If you get this post as an email you don’t need to do anything 🙂

Under “Our Trips“, they now read in chronology order, like reading a book from the start to the end with the latest year at the top of the list. Under “Our Adventures” it still lists the latest posts.

We have done up a page on Camping Etiquette, we encourage you to share this page with as many people you like.

This came about by the many questions and complaints people were putting on different camping forums we are apart off. So we asked people to express their views, points and suggestions on what they considered was good camping etiquette and why. So the points have been collated from feedback of the camping/travelling fraternity. Hopefully between all of us we can educate others that are new to camping, visiting from overseas and maybe let those that haven’t given a toss before, realise that there are others to consider.


We have also done up some new pages about modifications we have done to our Aussie Swag Camping Trailer and our tow vehicle the Colorado Ute.



We now have a YouTube Channel we have put a few videos up there to start it off. You are welcome to subscribe to it. We also have a Facebook page.

We have a few more changes planned, so stay tuned 🙂

We are heading off towards Nuga Nuga National Park for Easter and the surrounding areas. For those travelling please be safe and most importantly enjoy your time with family and friends.