Back onto the dirt

26/7/14 – What a rough night, literally a bunch of people who had way too much too drink were yelling and making a ruckus late into the night. I’m sure it would be different every visit, sometimes very peaceful but it certainly wasn’t last night. From what we saw the establishment takes your money sends people off to find a spot, there are no rules, guidelines it’s like do the hell what you want. Our advice visit as a day use, or night use as the pools never close and camp somewhere else, that is what we will be doing next time.


The Mataranka area is the setting for the film “We of the Never Never” a replica of the house is just outside the Mataranka Homestead.


No hurry today, we have several days to get to Lawn Hill across the top off the Gulf area along the Roper Hwy. We will be stopping at a few lost cities along the way.
Roper-River Roper-River-1We stopped at the Roper River at Roper Bar for lunch. Lovely spot (apart from the rubbish) overlooking the river watching the Kites, Rainbow Bee-eaters and other birds. We drove the 2km down to the Roper Bar store, not much there.

Roper-BarThere are several camping area in the Limmen National Park, which was only made into a national park in July 2012. There are 3 brand new camping areas on the river which are not listed on the national park website yet. Fees were $5 pp/pp.

Lomareium-Lagoon-sign Lomareium-LagoonSt Vidgeon ruins is right next to Lomareium Lagoon, the lagoon is covered in Water Lillies and as lovely and inviting as it looks keep well away from the waters edge as there are salt water crocs in there. Heaps of bird life too.

St-Vidgeon-ruins St-Vidgeon-ruins-1